Practical scope and technical design scheme of the

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The practical scope and technical design scheme of the adjustable combined valve

the existing gate valve can not be used only if the sealing surface is slightly deformed or corroded under the condition that the valve body, bonnet and various components are in good condition. The average export price of non-ferrous metals in China is 19526.34 yuan/ton. Repairing these valves can't be done by non professional factories, so it causes great waste. Therefore, the user hopes that the gate valve is: the sealing surface of the valve seat and valve plate is not easy to deform, corrosion-resistant, and the vulnerable sealing materials can be replaced. There should be no friction between the valve plate and the sealing surface when opening and closing. The testing machine originally belongs to a niche product, or the friction should be minimized

I. purpose of the invention:

solve the problems that the valve plate can automatically compensate and press the tight cover and the automatic pressure balance between the valve and the valve plate after the sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve plate is corroded or deformed, and solve the problem that the sealing surface is damaged by friction of the soft sealing material. Because the sealing sleeve of the gate valve is replaceable, the use of the valve is greatly increased

II. Practical range:

drift diameter φ 50- φ 400mm, pressure 2 0mpa, various normal temperature liquids less than 200 ℃

III. technical scheme:

the valve is a double parallel gate valve, with inlet sealing mode. The inlet valve plate is composed of a sealing sleeve and a relief valve plate, which is the main sealing RAM. The sealing sleeve and the relief valve plate are difficult to clamp the steel wire due to the loosening force and breaking strength. The small bag packaging of other condiments is not far away. The rope sample moves synchronously but is not connected. The pipeline pressure is transmitted to the valve seat on the outlet surface through the relief valve plate and the leveling arm, which will greatly improve the binding force of the soft sealing surface. The valve plate is covered with a corrosion-resistant rubber sealing sleeve. During the opening and closing process, the soft sealing material shall be kept at a certain distance from the valve seat, so that the soft sealing material can work in an environment without friction and folding pressure. The sealing sleeve isolates the liquid transported in the pipeline from the components in the valve core, so as to avoid the corrosion of the liquid and the blockage of impurities. The sealing material of this valve is very convenient to replace, so its service life is more than 5 times that of general gate valves

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