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Lanzhou Petrochemical Company had a good production and operation situation in March

in March, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company firmly seized the favorable opportunity of the changes in the petrochemical market, actively implemented the measures to tap the potential and increase efficiency, did a good job in various internal work, started full-scale production, and achieved gratifying results of stable production, controlled safety, stable team, progress in technical and economic indicators, and significantly improved financial situation. In March, the overall profit of oil refining and the profit-making units of chemical industry increased

in March, with a great turnaround in the external market and a sharp rise in the prices of oil products and chemicals, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company seized the favorable opportunity to overcome the difficulties brought about by the approaching overhaul cycle of oil refining equipment, and put into full production on the premise of ensuring safety. Three sets of atmospheric and vacuum distillation, heavy catalyst and other devices have achieved safe and stable production, the crude oil processing volume and the total amount of steam, coal and diesel have exceeded the planned targets, and the asphalt production volume has increased significantly compared with the plan. The smooth operation of propane, butane and visbreaking devices plays an important role in ensuring the delivery of PetroChina and the balance of heavy oil in the East and west regions. In addition to concentrated nitric acid, which fails to meet the monthly plan due to market reasons, chemical products include catalysts, synthetic ammonia, ethylene, urea Manager Juyan said: "Lubrizol has always been relatively low-key in the market. Ethylene, polypropylene, rubber, chemical fiber and other products have better completed the monthly plan indicators, especially synthetic ammonia, which has completed the monthly plan task for the first time since the oil was replaced by gas. With the joint efforts of all units, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company made great progress in various technical and economic indicators in March. Under the adverse conditions such as the shutdown and maintenance of unit 11 of the oil refining system, the light oil yield and comprehensive commodity rate Crude oil processing loss, unit energy consumption and diesel steam ratio have all reached the company's assessment indicators. Among the 25 material consumption indicators assessed by the company, 22 of the chemical products reached the standard, and 24 of the 25 energy consumption indicators reached the standard. Of the 18 chemical plants that participated in the assessment of the company, 14 reached the standard; Among the 10 devices that participated in the assessment of the joint stock company, 7 reached the standard, and the rate of reaching the standard was 70%. In terms of financial indicators, there was a significant improvement in March. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company realized the overall profit of oil refining for the first time this year, the number of chemical profit-making units increased, and the overall loss reduction was gratifying. In March, the oil refining profit was 4.97 million yuan, the catalyst profit was 42, and the light source: cold light source was 60000 yuan; The petrochemical plant made a profit of 5.51 million yuan, the rubber plant made a profit of 2.37 million yuan, and the chemical fiber plant achieved the loss control target

in April, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company's production and operation of the bunched cable combustion experimental machine with safety must comply with gb/t18380.31 (2) 008 and iec60332 (3) (1) 0/2009 standard situation, which has both favorable and unfavorable factors. The favorable factors are as follows: inspired by the spirit of the company's workers' Congress and the expanded meeting of the Party committee, the majority of cadres and workers have enhanced their confidence in achieving the performance assessment goals, and the measures to turn losses around and increase efficiency formulated by various units have achieved obvious results; After the overhaul and equipment renovation of the device, it will play a greater role and lay a good foundation for the current and future "safe, stable, long, full and excellent" production; At present, the steady rise in the prices of oil products and chemical industry has brought us great opportunities. At the same time, we should also see the adverse factors, which are mainly reflected in: Although the current market price is rising, the launch of major overhaul of the device in April has delayed the precious opportunity of production and oil delivery; When the price of chemical products rises steadily, unpredictable price changes may occur from time to time. At the same time, some devices and equipment without maintenance stop frequently, and the number of unplanned stops gradually increases, resulting in unsafe hidden dangers and signs of accidents, threatening safety production at any time

Lanzhou Petrochemical Company requires all units to first do a good job in the stability of employees, deal with the relationship between stability, production and reform, guide the thoughts and actions of employees to work and production, and guide them to turn losses around, and mobilize all cadres and employees to contribute to turning losses around and Reform and development; We should speed up the construction of key projects, do a good job in the current overhaul of devices in the Eastern District, ensure construction safety, ensure maintenance quality, and ensure the success of construction at one time;; Chemical plants should grasp the favorable opportunity of the market, but have the disadvantages of high cost, long cycle and low efficiency. They should have enough horsepower, reduce unplanned parking, do a good job in the safe and stable production of chemical fertilizer plants, and strive to increase ethylene, ABS and other products with good benefits; The supply and marketing system should do a good job in the sales and delivery of products, make good contact and connection with relevant departments, and increase the price of self sold products according to the market situation; All units should conscientiously implement various efficiency measures, strengthen the efforts to turn losses and solve difficulties, and strive to achieve a new high in various technical and economic indicators

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