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Lanzhou science and technology successfully developed new water-based polyurethane products

on August 24, the municipal government office hosted a briefing and officially announced that Lanzhou Ketian Health Technology Co., Ltd. had made a major technological breakthrough in the application of water-based polyurethane polymer materials, successfully developed water-based polyurethane ultra-thin condoms, took the lead in realizing the technology "made in China" and was ahead of the world level

at the briefing, Professor Wang wusheng, the pioneer of China's waterborne polyurethane industry, introduced that with the development of the times, the defects of traditional natural latex condoms have been gradually discovered and exposed, especially the emergence of new viruses such as AIDS virus, which put forward higher requirements for condoms. Naturally, the use and safety of latex condoms cannot meet the basic requirements of modern people for condoms. The water-based polyurethane ultra-thin condom developed by Ketian group makes a breakthrough in this regard. It has the characteristics of no pores and effectively blocks new viruses, which is far better than the traditional natural latex condom. At the same time, compared with condom products made of other materials, water-based polyurethane condoms have the characteristics of extreme thin, anti-virus, anti allergy and non carcinogenicity, which can be comparable with foreign top brands, which will provide consumers in China and even the world with better product samples and better quality experience. This technology is a major achievement of Ketian health's 30-year dedicated research and development, which truly realizes the industrialization of China's water-based polyurethane ultra-thin condoms, marking that Lanzhou New Area has reached a new high in scientific and technological innovation, generally the use of electronic universal testing machines, and will also bring a new round of changes to the domestic and international contraceptive market

Ketian group is a leading enterprise in the water-based science and technology industry chain, which is mainly cultivated and developed in Lanzhou New Area. It is committed to building a leading brand of non-toxic and environmental friendly home decoration. The water-based decorative materials such as boards, wallpapers and wall leather it has developed and produced have obtained the technical certification of international SGS testing institutions, reached the international advanced level, and won the award of "the most influential enterprise of green building materials" issued by China Building Decoration Association. As the first home decoration enterprise in the industry that has passed the "non-toxic" authoritative certification, Ketian's products conform to the new direction of the development of the non-toxic home decoration industry and are at the forefront of the green industry in which Bayer materials science has launched impanil ecological materials with a renewable biological content of up to 65%. This time, Ketian group made a major technological breakthrough in the application field of waterborne polyurethane polymer materials, taking the lead in realizing the "made in China" of waterborne polyurethane ultra-thin condoms, and leading the world level. Next, Ketian group will adhere to scientific and technological innovation, expand waterborne ultra-thin polyurethane materials to the field of medical devices, and then become the representative of innovative medical enterprises in the field of waterborne polyurethane

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