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Survey: global mobile service providers' new product launch speed slows down

although the whole world is not always eager for new mobile services yesterday, suppliers have encountered various obstacles in the launch of new products. Recently, a study involving wireless, fixed line and wired suppliers confirmed this

coleman Parkes research recently conducted a survey on as many as 125 industry-leading wireless and fixed and wired suppliers to achieve this building energy-saving goal. 70% of the enterprises surveyed said that the launch time of new businesses became the key to their commercial success. A related survey in 2008 showed that only 59% of the suppliers surveyed held this view. Although it is now necessary to launch new services at a faster speed, service providers have made little progress in this regard in the past three years. The number of suppliers that have launched new services within half a year has even decreased

one third of the companies in the relatively large instrument and equipment industry, which can also be used as advanced environmental protection materials for children's toys, baby products and food packaging, have failed to achieve the goal of releasing a new product or service within six months in the past three years. Meanwhile, according to other media reports, the average launch time of new products of mobile service providers increased by 21%. 45% of the companies believe that the increasing demand for external services such as app store, IPTV and other related devices has resulted in the extension of the launch cycle of new products. 59% of the enterprises surveyed regard the complex technology environment as the biggest challenge to launch new products. As mobile operators need to focus on new business models, these problems will increase. China Electronic News

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