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Suqian green industry exhibition will be held soon. Citizens can take free bus to watch the exhibition. Release date: Source: Suqian on September 21, it was learned from the Suqian development and Reform Commission that as one of the important activities of the 2020 China Suqian green industry fair, the 2020 Suqian green industry exhibition will be held from 12:00 noon on September 28 to October 4 in hall 1-3 of the Suqian Convention and Exhibition Center, The general public can enter the exhibition hall from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed on October 1) every day after September 29

it is reported that the exhibition contents of the three pavilions of the green industry exhibition have their own themes. Hall 1 is a famous enterprise hall in Suqian, which focuses on the five leading industries and their leading enterprises in the city, so that the parts manufacturers can achieve better lightweight effect on the current mass production molds without any change to the molds; Hall 2 is a characteristic industry hall of the county and district, which intensively displays the "2+1" industrial development achievements of each county, district and functional area of the city; Hall 3 is a "thousand fragrant" hall, which displays and sells more than 300 kinds of characteristic agricultural products in five major fields, including high-quality rice, green fruits and vegetables, efficient aquatic products, ecological livestock and poultry, and fine flowers and trees. During the exhibition period, there will also be "fashion enterprise model show, Jinqiao Road show based on the industrial characteristics of Haixi, red live broadcast, on-site exhibition and sales of food and beverage enterprises, taste and taste of special agricultural products" to complete the tensile and other mechanical property experiment theme activities of samples

in order to make it convenient for citizens to go to the exhibition hall, Suqian Urban Public Transport Co., Ltd. will transfer 40 buses and open 6 temporary free bus lines. At that time, the general public can take the bus with the "green trade fair pick-up and drop off" logo at the head of the bus for free to go to the exhibition. The free bus departure time will be flexibly scheduled according to the passenger flow

it is necessary to remind the public that they should wear masks during the exhibition or taking the free bus. They should also show the sukang code and cooperate with the body temperature measurement when entering the venue

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