The most popular surface paper or lining paper has

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the problem of cracks in the surface paper or lining paper is solved.

under normal working conditions, when pressing the line, when folding the paperboard, the line is straight and the angle is a smooth arc angle; When folding back, it is in double line, and the box is in good condition. However, when the surface paper or the lining paper is cracked or broken, the quality of the cartons will be affected. The reasons are as follows:

first, the face paper or lining paper has short fiber and is not folding resistant

second, the paperboard is too dry when it is offline

third, the pressure is too high during the line pressing operation

fourth, the pressing width is too narrow

solution 4) durability measurement method:

1 Replace the surface paper or lining paper with better quality

2. Adjust the moisture content of the offline paperboard, and solve the problem of moisture regain of the offline paperboard through spray and other measures

3. Adjust the pressure of the line pressing machine according to the different corrugated board types and the different thickness of the three, five and seven paper boards

4. The line width of the three-layer box shall not be less than 8mm. If the market share in China is greater than this standard, even the best surface paper or lining paper will have cracks

enterprises adopt full-automatic line pressing equipment, which has doubled the efficiency. However, the above problems also exist, and effective control is also required. It is normal for these problems to occur once, but it is abnormal to clamp the sample without effective control. The key to the improvement of product quality is the full self-control of the process. Simply relying on any individual control is not enough

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