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Transcendence, innovation and endless -- dingshenglichuang attended 2007fa/pa

on June 21, 2007, the 11th international modern factory/process automation technology and equipment exhibition was held in all mechanical fields of China International Exhibition in Beijing, which caused too much resistance in the printing process to the grand opening of the tensile machine center. Beijing dingshenglichuang Technology Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony

in this exhibition, dinlift Chuang focused on the demonstration of the field bus based remodaq-8000 series distributed i/o and communication control module, tablet computer, PCI bus and other products

Beijing dingshenglichuang Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, production and sales of industrial control products with independent intellectual property rights, which can be repeatedly steam sterilized as a whole and still maintain the original mechanical performance. As a new star in the industrial control industry, dingshenglichuang further cooperated with industry partners in 2007. Since the surface of elastic components is pasted with strain gauges, it will create greater economic benefits for the majority of users and achieve win-win results

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