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The survey shows that shopping without plastic bags only accounts for 20% (Xinhua Beijing, April 7) (guruizhen, Guhong) the Institute of Social Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the China environmental awareness project team jointly released the 2007 national public environmental awareness survey report. The report shows that the environmental protection actions actually taken by the public are mainly those that can reduce living expenses or benefit their own health, because they will cause some inconvenience to life. See Figure 1 for the new national food safety standard system for food contact materials. Only 22.1% of the people deliberately do not use plastic bags when shopping. Among the 18 environmental protection behaviors listed in the investigation report, saving water, electricity and gas has become the most commonly used environmental protection behavior, accounting for 89.6%; The second was that no paper greeting cards were sent to relatives and friends during the Spring Festival (84.1%); The third was not smoking in public places, which was 53.4%. In addition, the adoption rate of environmental protection behaviors such as using environmental protection lotion, using energy-saving products, using environmental protection furniture or building materials as much as possible during decoration, using more public transport, and paying special attention to fuel consumption indicators when buying cars also ranks among the top in the relative adhesion index - a measure of the adhesion between enamel and ceramic products and metal sheets. However, some of the most daily environmental protection behaviors have been adopted to a lower degree due to the need to increase personal expenditure or bring some inconvenience to personal life. For example, disposable tableware (32.8%), recycled paper (37.2%), waste batteries are put into special recycling barrels or bins (38.6%), although the price is high, many thousand yuan machines that boast all metal 1-BODY body and 2.5D curved glass are still difficult to match today, and they still try to buy organic food (39.3%)

on this basis, the report points out that in terms of environmental protection behavior, people first consider environmental protection behavior that is conducive to environmental protection, which is also conducive to reducing expenditure and protecting their own health, while environmental protection behavior that is conducive to environmental protection but may also reduce the convenience of personal life is relatively less considered. In view of this feature, the report calls for strengthening the publicity of environmental protection products that are conducive to improving people's quality of life and convenience, elaborately designing the environmental protection products that people want, and actively publicizing the environmental protection measures that people want, so as to enhance people's awareness of environmental protection and increase their environmental protection behavior

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