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A little girl's standard post-80s friend is a standard Phoenix man. Everyone knows Phoenix man

as a label, Phoenix man refers to a man who integrates the strength of his family, studies furiously for more than ten years, and finally becomes a "golden phoenix flying out of the nest", thus bringing hope to the transformation of a family. After entering the city, they married peacock girl (synonymous with urban girl) and lived in the city. However, due to the brand of their original rural identity, they had various problems in their love, marriage and family with peacock girl. Recently, because of the decoration, he and I have been playing a war all day, a war of words, and a real battle. Fortunately, the decoration is finally finished. The budget is ultra-low, and only 6W is used. Unexpectedly, we have also installed a simple and fashionable nest of 99 square meters. In fact, it's good to find a phoenix man to check

it will not feel too cold. It is decorated with some bright wallpaper, which has its own unique atmosphere and color. The layout is very beautiful. It is a set of exquisite interior design home

decoration area: 99 square meters

decoration style: Modern and simple

decoration house type: 2 rooms and 2 halls

decoration cost: 60000





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