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Now in the kitchen decoration, more and more people choose to customize the overall cabinet. Cabinet customization manufacturers have made great efforts in the appearance design, so that we are easy to ignore the material of the cabinet when choosing the cabinet. In fact, a good material often determines the "life" of a cabinet. Xiaobian will introduce you today about the selection of cabinet materials

let you fall in love with the warm kitchen cabinet

romantic cabinet series (double decorative panel (silver white))

romance is not the patent of youth, romance is not the end of love, and the pursuit of romance makes people young! Romance can be shown in different forms in the long river of years

the full name of melamine board is melamine impregnated plastic film paper facing artificial board. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in melamine resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, paved on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hardboard, and hot pressed. Melamine decorative door panels are represented by German Aijia panels. Aijiaban, referred to as MFC, is one of the door panels mainly used by European cabinet factories. It has been widely adopted by the Chinese cabinet industry. It has the advantages of flat surface, not easy to deform, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate. With natural color sealed notes, it gives people a mixed visual effect. The domestically produced melamine decorative door panel is represented by Lushui River plate, and all indicators have reached international standards, which is a good choice

let you fall in love with the warm kitchen cabinet

complacent cabinet (double decorative panel aluminum alloy edge) (white)

happy mood comes from inner beauty, and real complacency comes from kindness! Full combination shows the texture of metal! Aluminum alloy edging does not cover her beauty, but makes her more beautiful

let you fall in love with the warm kitchen cabinet

whirling youth (green) (fireproof board)

ignite the passion of life and tell the beauty of youth. Let's cheer for youth

the base material of fireproof door panel is particleboard, moisture-proof board or density board, and the surface is decorated with fireproof board. (fireproof board is a decorative board made of silicon material or calcium material as the main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, light aggregates, adhesives and chemical additives, and made by autoclave technology. It is a new type of material used more and more at present, and its use is not only for fire prevention. The construction of fireproof board has higher requirements for sticking glue, and the price of fireproof board with better quality is also more expensive than that of decorative panel. Fireproof board The thickness of the board is generally 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm and 1.2mm, which is generally used as the veneer of the cabinet door panel.) Fireproof door panel is one of the most used door panel materials at present. Its color is bright, and the forms of edge banding are diverse. It has the advantages of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, permeability resistance, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, colorfastness, delicate touch, affordable price and so on

let you fall in love with the warm kitchen cabinet

infinite charm (corrugated plate) (green)

moving comes from subtle care, and surprise comes from exotic sentiment

the spacious and bright kitchen is equipped with corrugated door panels and linear strip check-in handles. Extend your imagination infinitely! Let your thinking space fly like a soaring eagle, boundless




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