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Cabinet is one of the fastest upgrading types of furniture. There are many new products all year round, but most of these new products change soup without changing medicine, and the improvement of scientific and technological content is limited. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, you don't have to choose the most popular ones, The key is to be optimistic about cabinets in all directions. Pay attention to the selection of cabinets in all directions. The overall cabinet is mainly composed of four parts: table top, cabinet body (box), cabinet door (door panel), and hardware. They are collectively referred to as "the four major pieces of cabinet", which is the focus of consumers' selection of cabinets. Kitchen countertops are an important part of the actual operation of the kitchen. Nowadays, there are many kinds of cabinet countertops, including natural stone, artificial stone, fireproof board, stainless steel and so on. The cabinet is the most important part of the panel cabinet, because the service life of the cabinet accounts for 70% of the overall cabinet life. Similarly, the door panel is the face of the cabinet, which directly affects the style and overall effect of the cabinet. It is a crucial link in the cabinet purchase

quartz stone PK artificial stone

quartz stone table is made of broken glass and quartz sand. The advantages of quartz stone are wear-resistant, not afraid of scratching, good heat resistance, large-area paving and wall pasting, making all kinds of kitchen and bathroom countertops, and the price is high

artificial stone is made of natural ore powder + Color Masterbatch + acrylic resin through high temperature and high pressure treatment. It is a plate with uniform texture, compact structure and no pores. It has the functions of wear resistance, acid resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, compression resistance, bending resistance and permeability resistance. It is a affordable choice for the public in the market

e0 grade 18mm box plate pke1 grade 16mm box plate

at present, domestic generally still takes "E1" grade as the standard for environmental protection, and "E0" grade is the European standard. The service life of cabinets made of 16mm and 18mm thick plates can be more than doubled to ensure that the door panel is not deformed and the table top is not cracked

paint baking door panel PK trichlorocyandiamide plate/wear-resistant plate

paint baking door panel is made of medium density board as the base material, after surface sanding and four sides grinding, and then spray paint on the surface and baking in the barn. No edge banding, good overall feeling, good waterproof performance. The surface is smooth and easy to take care of, so it won't hide dirt, and the color selection is quite spatial

trichlorocyandiamide board is also called double decorative panel (wear-resistant board), and it is also called one-time molding board. Its base material is particleboard, which is bonded by the base material and the surface. The use effect is similar to that of composite wood floor. It has the advantages of flat surface, not easy to deform, bright color, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and the price is moderate

imported full damping hardware PK domestic non full damping hardware

the hardware accessories of the cabinet occupy an extremely important position in the cabinet materials, which directly affects the comprehensive quality and use function of the cabinet. Although the imported hardware is very similar to the domestic hardware in appearance, the imported hardware is slightly better in performance, safety, service life and so on, and the natural price is higher than the domestic hardware

analysis of cabinet hardware accessories in eight aspects

cabinets should not only have high-quality and fine door panels and boxes, but also have high-quality cabinet hardware and cabinet accessories. Cabinet hardware usually includes: door hinge, drawer guide rail, door handle, etc. Cabinet accessories usually include: hanging code, adjusting foot, skirting board, anti-collision door resistance, etc

in view of the tendency of consumers to ignore the selection, identification and review of hardware and accessories, this paper makes a general introduction to the types of hardware in the market, which is only for consumers' comprehensive reference, comparison and selection

(I) hinge: the kitchen door has been opened and closed for thousands of times, and the quality of the door hinge is very important. Practice has proved that according to the nature of the kitchen cabinet and the accuracy of the door arrangement, plus the weight of the kitchen door itself, it is difficult for domestic hinges to meet the necessary quality requirements of the kitchen cabinet

(II) drawer guide rail: guide rail is one of the important hardware in kitchen cabinet hardware, and its importance is second only to hinge. The status and ratio of guide rail used by kitchen cabinet companies are similar to hinge. About 95% of kitchen cabinet companies use guide rails with low price and poor quality. In comparison, good and bad are not distinguished from each other in terms of appearance and usage. The main difference lies in the differences caused by different materials, principles, structures, equipment, production processes, etc. As long as you pay a little attention, you can reveal the truth by pulling the drawer

(III) baseboard: it is often ignored. In fact, it may be the kitchen cabinet that has problems first. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely to swell and mildew. Skirting board includes wooden skirting board and frosted metal skirting board. Wooden skirting board manufacturers generally use the leftover corner waste when making the cabinet body, and the cost is low. However, due to the close distance between the skirting board and the ground, the wood material is easy to absorb water and become damp, and the water vapor will rise along the skirting board, endangering the whole cabinet body

(IV) basket pulling: the items in the kitchen are the most frequently contacted by us every day, and the utensils in the kitchen are also the most diverse in daily life. How to establish a good life order in such a frequent action space is the trouble faced by many families. This kind of trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket. The basket has a large storage space, and can reasonably divide the space, so that all kinds of items and appliances can take their place

(V) steel drawer and knife and fork plate: steel drawer and knife and fork plate are accurate in size, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, and will not deform. They play an irreplaceable role in the maintenance and use of kitchen drawer, and have long been widely used by kitchen companies in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries. Therefore, after you roughly observe the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, you should open each drawer to have a look. If you use the combination of steel drawer and knife and fork plate, it means that the product cost is higher and the kitchen cabinet combination is more standardized. On the contrary, if you use wood drawer, the cost is lower

(VI) Spotlight: generally, the glass door hanging cabinet or the kitchen cabinet with lighting top plate often needs to be equipped with spotlight, which is divided into probe type and internal horizontal type, depending on everyone's preference. But pay attention to choose the 12V spotlight with transformer, because for safety reasons, the state expressly prohibits the use of 220V voltage for furniture lamp connection

(VII) Faucet: it can be said that the faucet is the most friendly part in the kitchen, but its quality is often ignored when purchasing. It turns out that the faucet is the easiest place in the kitchen to go wrong. If the low-cost low-quality faucet is used, there will be water leakage and the consequences will be very serious if it is not closed in time. Therefore, great attention should be paid to its quality when purchasing

(VIII) water basin is an object used frequently in the kitchen, so its selection is also particularly important. Most of the common basins are made of stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics and stone products, which depends on the owner's preferences and the overall style of the kitchen





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