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For many families, especially newlyweds, after paying a large sum of money for their houses, the problem of decoration funds must be a big problem: ask relatives and friends to borrow, sometimes they can't open the mouth; Save a little money, and I'm sorry to buy this house. At this time, you might as well consider the decoration loan

"unsecured, unsecured" attracts customers

when it comes to decoration loans, people must first think of banks. Indeed, at present, many banks provide such services, especially in foreign banks, unsecured and unsecured credit loans are more eye-catching, such as Standard Chartered Bank's "Xiandai" and Citibank's "happy time loan". According to the personal center of Standard Chartered Bank, loans provided by "xiandaipai" can be applied for as long as they have a stable career and a monthly income of more than 3000 yuan before tax. The minimum amount of application is 8000 yuan and the maximum is 300000 yuan. The loan period is 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years, and the interest rate is between 7.9% and 9.9%. Citibank's "happy hour loan" can be loaned up to 500000 yuan, with an interest rate of 8.8% and a term of 6 months to 4 years. In addition, "happy time loan" implements risk pricing for different customers, floating up and down 7%-10% on the basis of the benchmark interest rate of 8.8%

decoration loans of Chinese funded banks are generally classified as personal consumption loans. The procedures for handling decoration loans are relatively complex. In addition to the owner's ID card, household register and real estate certificate, the income certificate issued by the owner unit is also required, and the monthly repayment amount is required to not exceed half of the owner's income. At the same time, the evaluation department should evaluate the house on site, combined with the decoration quotation and contract issued by the decoration company, and then the bank can lend money, which is generally 60% of the evaluation amount. Even if the application for decoration loan is successful, it will take 15-30 days to handle it. Taking the housing decoration loan of China Merchants Bank as an example, in addition to providing the necessary income certificate or mortgage (pledge) guarantee, the borrower must also provide the relevant decoration contract or agreement signed with the decoration company, and provide the information such as the house purchase and sale contract (original), house purchase receipt or invoice for the decoration of newly purchased houses; If the original residence is redecorated, the certificate of house ownership shall be provided. After the borrower completes the relevant procedures, CMB will release the loan to the borrower's personal account and transfer the loan to the relevant payee's account according to the borrower's entrustment





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