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The change from the rough house to the decorated house will easily make people ignore the inspection of the meticulous degree of decoration, which is a problem that many people will make, but as long as we know something that needs attention in the acceptance of new houses, we can avoid many problems. Generally, the main things we should pay attention to in the acceptance of new houses are water and electricity, doors and windows, walls and floors, and ventilation systems

1. Electricity: during the construction and acceptance of the house, it is necessary to check whether there is electricity in each room, and each room is equipped with simple bulbs to see whether they are normal. Never forget the sockets in each room. Now there are simple test pens on the market, which are not very expensive. We can use test pens to test whether each socket has electricity. If there is no way to test the electric pen, it can be tested with a mobile phone charger or hair dryer

2. Water: in the rough room, there are good water pipelines in the bathroom and kitchen, but most of them have no faucets. We can take a bucket of water and pour it into the pipes respectively to see if the water is happy and blocked. If we hear the sound of water, it means that we are happy underwater. The floor of the toilet should be waterproof, but the water shielding test cannot be done due to conditions during the house inspection, so we need to ask the decoration company to do a water shielding test before the decoration, and check whether there is water leakage after 24 hours

3. Ventilation system: ventilation system is a big problem that is easy to be ignored in house inspection. Flue and exhaust duct are places that are easy to leave hidden dangers for future daily life

4. Doors and windows: the door is the most easily forgotten place. The owner is happy to open the door with the key. What he cares most is to see what the house looks like, and how can the door look and decoration save money? Home decoration network, free design budget quotation

appearance and other problems are forgotten. Such a process is absolutely undesirable. At present, residential houses are equipped with anti-theft doors. After opening the door, you should carefully observe and touch the surface of the door with your hand to see whether it is flat, whether there are scratches or places that have been impacted, and then visually check whether the door frame is correct, because the door frame is not correct will directly affect your future use in real life. You should also try the lock back and forth to see whether it can be opened and closed normally. If you encounter problems, you should report to the property management in time for replacement

5. Wall and ground: in the acceptance of the blank room, the wall and ground are the most critical places with the largest area. We should check whether the walls and floors of all rooms are flat, and whether there are hollows on the walls of kitchens and bathrooms. If the wall surface is not flat, it will bring a lot of trouble to the future decoration. If the ground is not flat enough, it will also affect the laying of bricks or floors in the future. If there are hollows on the walls of toilets and kitchens, it is easy to fall off after tiling in the future. To see whether there is hollowing on the wall, you can use a small hammer to test it, and judge whether there is hollowing on the wall by the sound made during the beating





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