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Yasilan seamless wall cloth sells well all over the country, with pure color, integrating the essence of Chinese and Western painting, and each classic leads the trend

great news, the mysterious celestial black hole has finally been "seen" by mankind

hundreds of researchers participated in the "event horizon telescope" project, which held a press conference in many places around the world on April 10 to release the first black hole photos they took

this black hole has a super large mass and a suitable distance from the earth, so it has a large apparent diameter from the earth, and has become one of the preferred shooting targets for scientists

in fact... When I heard about black holes

such a picture came to my mind

actually Black holes look like this

I made it up by myself

this Are you sure it's not a large-scale online dating base site

beauty vs myself

I'm a little hungry I even want to eat doughnuts

maybe I didn't think of the black hole ~

its photo style soon changed

how can I say so familiar

ah, I finally found you

my little sun lamp is warm

in 1915

Einstein published the general theory of relativity

first predicted the existence of the black hole

and then the majority of netizens began to regret that

Hawking didn't see it.First black hole picture

don't cry like If you guessed right,

Hawking should have used honeycomb briquette.

I often don't fit in with you (╥ ﹏ ╥)

because I'm not good at sand carving.

in fact, our identity as brother Dong Sina Weibo

speaking of sina Weibo, I don't know if you have found that our brother Dong has collided with the 2019 color - living coral

coral combines the characteristics of pink and orange, not vulgar but not gorgeous, with girlish vitality. You should know that coral color is not only a new favorite in the clothing industry, but also can enhance the color of the room. Next, let Xiaobian take you into the coral world of yashilan ~


yashilan seamless wall cloth sells well all over the country, with pure color, integrating the essence of Chinese and Western painting, and leading the trend with classics


some people feel like a fatal headache when they hear about interior decoration. In fact, we can create an atmosphere in a relaxed state through color embellishment, add a touch of coral color to the home, and believe that every day in 2019 is a beautiful time

yashilan seamless wall fabric has always focused on the perfect combination of the artistic needs of modern home life and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills. Guided by art and supported by process innovation, it aims to create a colorful bubble legend, inherit jacquard classics, and create embroidery brilliance. It will raise the seamless wall fabric to the height of art, and provide diversified artistic wall fabric products for people who pursue quality life

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