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Paraxylene (PX) market factor analysis and future market forecast

1. Positive factors (1) high crude oil price support; (2) In the later stage, the high load and high capacity of PTA device will improve the sales market of PX with the development of aviation industry; (3) In the second half week of the downstream PTA, the market recovered, and the market atmosphere became hotter; (4) Polyester and terminal product prices rose this week. In the future, China's low-end cathode material market capacity will be redundant, the market transaction will be short and stable, and the production and sales situation will pick up slightly

2. Negative factors (1) there are many PX devices put into operation at home and abroad recently. The production line built in August 2015 has partially resumed operation of PX devices that were previously shut down for maintenance, and PX supply has been in a surplus state; (2) The demand for downstream polyester products and terminal textiles is at a low level, and at present, the original arrival of polyester manufacturers automatically and evenly cools the samples, and the inventory of thermostatic materials is basically sufficient; (3) Market participants still lack confidence in the future market

3. PX aftermarket forecast despite the current oversupply of PX, PX suppliers have no obvious desire to reduce prices, and some manufacturers have reduced operating rates. At present, the market lacks the support of positive factors, and everyone is looking forward to the introduction of contract quotations to guide the direction of PX aftermarket

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