The hottest global printing economy will continue

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The global printing economy will continue to grow, and Asia will bear the brunt.

last month, printmedia management meetings hosted by printpromotion in Frankfurt, Germany, were held in Mumbai, India, Seoul, South Korea, Taipei, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with the theme of "advanced technology after drupa2004". A total of 920 experts and managers attended the meetings in the four locations

in his speech, Mr. siegbert holderried, the managing director of printpromotion, said: "In the foreseeable future, there will not be any products that replace the existing offset printing, flexo printing and gravure printing methods in technology and economy. The digital printing process frequently mentioned by everyone only positions its application field at no more than 1000. This paper introduces the operation field of special devices equipped with 100kN and 10kN sensors. The international standardization and globalization of the printing industry have enabled printing companies all over the world to achieve international standards Standardized quality standards and open market-oriented operation mode. Competitiveness mainly depends on the decision-making of enterprises and the correct use of equipment and processes. "

the main goal pursued by the manufacturers of German printing equipment is to show their Asian customers the efficiency of the printing industry and the good relationship with Asian countries. In the future, we will continue to strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two regions that constitute this kind of scene at all levels, as well as the relationship with printing companies, professional and technical schools and associations in Asia. The printing market in Asia has great market and investment potential. The main suppliers of wisdom and skills in Jinan testing machine factory are still Germany, Japan, India and China. In the next five years, the export volume of Germany will show an upward trend

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