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The global pulp price has now fallen to the lowest point

Swedish forest industry insiders recently generally believe that the world pulp price has now fallen to the lowest point, and is expected to show a steady upward trend in this autumn

Blake, President of rottneros pulp manufacturing company in Sweden, said that it is also very important to greatly improve the canvas and center line. At present, the price of long fiber pulp per ton in the futures market is $460. However, due to the fact that all suppliers implement discounts of different proportions to attract customers, the range of its era gold testing machine is too wide, and the actual price has been similar to the pulp price in the spot market. The pulp price on the spot market has stabilized for a month. Therefore, at present, it can be considered that the pulp price has fallen to the lowest point. In the future, the pulp price may fluctuate, but its range will not be very large

in the recent month, the price of long fiber pulp in the North American spot market has always remained around $420, and the price of long fiber pulp in the European and Asian spot markets has also remained between $00 and $390, respectively

Swedish insiders also agreed that although pulp prices are likely to rise this autumn, the increase is certainly not large, because the main reason for the current stabilization of pulp prices is that some large manufacturers have taken action to limit production, while the demand for paper in the international market has not increased significantly, and the world paper industry will still maintain a low operating rate

the price of pulp in the world market has fallen sharply since the beginning of this year, and the price of Xiawei pulp per ton of long fiber has fallen from US $710 to US $460, a decrease of 35%

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