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Market analysis of electric logistics vehicles: time sharing leasing is the best mode

Abstract: logistics companies can't copy this mode when they fully use electric distribution vehicles. The main reason is that electric vehicles and fuel vehicles have many different characteristics. The best vehicle is the unified management and scheduling of logistics companies, or it is independent of the fleet management platform of logistics companies, that is, the time sharing leasing mode of "A-point borrowing, x-point repayment" recommended by experts and scholars

the release of the automobile industry development plan marks that China's automobile industry is about to usher in a new period of development. The plan shows that by 2020, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will exceed 2.5 million (the 2016 document says 2million). To this end, the government does not hesitate to spend tens of billions of financial budgets to subsidize new energy vehicle manufacturing enterprises and jointly cultivate and support the development of the new energy vehicle market. The logistics industry is concerned about how the electric city distribution vehicle can keep up with the booming logistics market in 2017? This question is discussed below for your reference

I. current basic situation and development trend of express delivery market

1) basic situation

in 2016, China's express delivery industry achieved a growth rate of more than 50% for six consecutive years, with an average of 80million packages per day, a delivery volume of 31.28 billion pieces, an average timeliness of 3.6 days, and a single cost of 13 yuan. During the "double 11" period, the volume of parcels produced in a single day is 657million, and it is expected that the daily volume of express delivery will double by 2020. However, at present, the ratio of total social logistics cost to GDP in China is 14.9%, higher than 8% in the United States. The era of labor supply constraints faced by the express industry is coming

2) Jingdong is taking action to launch electric vehicles for urban distribution vehicles. On May 4, 2017, Liu qiangdong revealed that in the next five years, Jingdong will replace tens of thousands of trucks with electric vehicles. On the same day, Jiangsu Jiulong Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhuhai Guangtong Automobile Co., Ltd. signed a purchase contract in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province: within one year from the date of signing the purchase contract, Guangtong automobile plans to purchase pure electric Effie vehicles and 4.9-meter Effie van logistics vehicles produced by Jiulong automobile, with a total purchase amount of 2.655 billion yuan. It is preliminarily estimated that the purchase number will exceed 14700 units. The positive response of is to replace electric vehicles in five years

3) development trend

the average time limit for each package in China's logistics industry from placing an order to signing by consumers has been less than 3.1 days, and B2C logistics presents explosive development opportunities. At present, when it comes to the future development direction of medical materials, warehouse distribution, sorting, express terminal and other aspects, the hardware equipment of the logistics industry are in the process of intellectualization. The pace of using electric vehicles in all urban distribution vehicles has accelerated significantly

II. The price war of electric vehicles has begun

1) the price war was first launched by BAIC new energy, and then JAC, Chery, Jiangling, Zhidou, Zhongtai and other small electric vehicle manufacturers all announced the launch of new models and price cuts. The author saw a scene in an automobile market in Yicheng city, Hubei Province. The new product of Zhongtai E200 is priced at 58000 yuan. The promotion means is that the merchants give brand-name wine, and they intend to continue their efforts (Dukang, worth 60000 yuan). Generally speaking, if you buy an electric car of Zhongtai E200, the merchant will give 2000 yuan back to the buyer

2) Zhuhai Guangtong automobile company makes electric vehicles, but it wants to buy products from Jiangsu Jiulong automobile manufacturing company and sell them to The 4.9-meter electric distribution truck in Jiulong, Jiangsu Province, has an invoiced price of nearly 170000 according to normal logic. doesn't directly buy the electric car of Jiangsu Jiulong automobile manufacturing company, but wants to buy it through Zhuhai Guangtong. Why is this

the above superficial behaviors are incomprehensible to outsiders, and the personnel in the industry cannot explain clearly. The essence is electric vehicles, and businesses have begun to fight a price war. As soon as we fight a price war, the price will inevitably come down. As soon as the price comes down, the poor will be eliminated and the strong will come out. In the face of such a large market demand, it is inevitable that whoever insists on high prices will be out. Color TV sets, air conditioners and electric cars are the same

Microsoft has a routine for your reference: the long-term price of the computer operating system is 1980 yuan, which is basically free for college students, but one patch a week (free), and a new version a year (1980 yuan). In the end, it's not interesting to earn money. It's free forever

III. analysis of the advantages of electric city distribution vehicles

the purchase behavior of shows from the client that the vehicle technology is mature and the performance can meet the use requirements. Urban electric city distribution vehicles are classified as commercial vehicles with a length of less than 5.9 meters. At present, the advantages are obvious, and two bottlenecks have been broken:

1) the mileage has exceeded 200 kilometers at a time, and the mileage anxiety has been basically eliminated

2) with AC (DC) hrc:20 ~ 70 charging interface, charging is difficult to basically solve

the price war of A0 electric passenger vehicles has begun, and the price of electric city distribution vehicles will undoubtedly fall. How to reduce? It's just a matter of means

IV. The main function of electric city distribution vehicles is to help users make money

the environmental protection of electric vehicles is an indicator of social benefits, and the basic indicator for users to make money:

1) the running rate of vehicles, that is, how much time the vehicle has to run outside, the proportion of running time and stopping time

2) how much is the electricity charge? Mainly compared with the fuel cost of fuel vehicles

3) how much is the maintenance fee? Mainly compared with the fuel cost of fuel vehicles

in Items 2 and 3, the advantages of electric city distribution vehicles are obvious. At present, the industry competition is fierce, so we must work hard on the vehicle operation rate. If the vehicle operation rate is greater than 80%, there are basically no obstacles to the application of electric city distribution vehicles

v. there are many benefits of using electric vehicles in time for urban distribution vehicles. Scheduling

1) energy conservation and emission reduction will not be expressed again

2) it is more convenient and cheaper to use electric vehicles

3) the logistics industry must have green signs. Using electric vehicles will greatly improve the enterprise brand

4) using electric vehicles is an improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises

VI. time sharing leasing is the best mode of electric urban distribution vehicles

urban fuel vehicle distribution vehicles, which are basically personal or contracted by individuals. The main reason why logistics companies can't copy this model is that electric vehicles and fuel vehicles have many different characteristics. It's better for the vehicles to be managed and dispatched uniformly by logistics companies, or independent of the logistics company's fleet management platform, that is, the time-sharing leasing mode of "A-point borrowing, x-point repayment" recommended by experts and scholars

for urban distribution practitioners, the cost of time-sharing leasing mode is very low, but the value of big data is incalculable. The value of big data belongs to the platform, which has nothing to do with the practitioners of urban distribution

the time-sharing leasing model can not only reduce the cost of logistics enterprises, but also create more value and high profits. Time sharing leasing mode will also give birth to driverless urban distribution vehicles

VII. It is time for logistics enterprises to pick up enough electric vehicles

1) the technology of urban electric distribution vehicles has matured, and it is a perfect process to further improve the mileage, which is also a process of getting better and better

2) next, the price of urban electric distribution vehicles will return to the level of traditional vehicles. After 2020, if the indoor and outdoor temperature fluctuations are weakened, the price will be cheaper than fuel vehicles

3) the layout and construction of charging piles by the state power supply company have been put into daily work

4) the competition among logistics enterprises will be more and more fierce, and the use of electric vehicles will be a very important competitiveness index

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