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Analysis of silk screen flower defects

10 Pattern deformation

(aliasing) the pattern shape on the fabric has obvious deformation compared with the original high-speed pattern without low speed or with low speed without high-speed pattern, which is called deformation or aliasing. It is most obvious when horizontal lines and geometric patterns are printed on the garment pieces

reason: ① when the surface of the printing table is sticky and the clothes are manually paved, the clothes are greatly deformed due to uneven force, and the clothes removed from the printing table after printing have a certain shape recovery @ scope of application: again, the pattern on the fabric changes shape with the recovery of the shape of the clothes. ② The surface of the printing table is too sticky, and the force when uncovering the clothes after printing is much higher than the transmission effect, which makes the fabric stretch more and the recovery degree less. Because the clothes are deformed, the pattern is also deformed with the clothes. ③ The deformation of the printing plate frame or the loose adhesion between the silk and the plate frame make the local layout loose, resulting in the deformation of the pattern on the layout

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