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The global R & D center is about to launch Liugong into a new era of R & d

the global R & D center is about to launch Liugong into a new era of R & d

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at the French Construction Machinery Exhibition (INTERMAT) held on April 20, Liugong held a press conference and announced that its new global R & D center will be officially launched in Liuzhou in June this year. The new R & D center will accelerate the innovation and upgrading of mechanical equipment technology, and promote Liugong to become the first tier of the global construction machinery industry

the global R & D center project began in 2013, with a total investment of 270 million yuan. Andy postlethwaite, senior vice president of Asia Pacific of BASF characteristic materials department, also said: "innovative materials can inspire and realize various excellent designs (10) The facilities with modern functions and the pen on the putter cover an area of 110000 square meters, including an office area, a test center, a prototype center, seven laboratories and three design studios. In addition, the R & D center also has the most advanced technical equipment and a virtual reality studio

the new R & D center and the company's global headquarters are located in Liuzhou, which will become the new core hub of Liugong's R & D except in India, Poland and the United Kingdom. The initial work of the new R & D center will focus on the research, development and testing of Liugong loaders, excavators and flatbed machines. The first batch of projects will complete the second stage R & D and testing of H-series loaders. At the same time, various laboratories in the R & D center will develop precise methods to test and optimize equipment performance factors, such as structural design, material science, electronic and hydraulic efficiency, cooling, vibration straightening devices: eccentricity and noise are the most common types of plastic extrusion waste. The laboratory will be able to conduct accelerated durability tests and various performance tests

davidbetenbough, vice president of Liugong and project leader of the new R & D center, said: "to achieve sustainable development, Liugong needs new facilities to put our talented design into practice, and engineering teams to innovate and use technology, because this is the engine to promote our product innovation. It is gratifying that the new global R & D center will provide us with all the tools to realize our technological dreams."

Liu Gong has always attached great importance to training engineers. Therefore, the new global R & D center, which can accommodate 1200 people working at the same time, will set up a number of professional training laboratories. Better training facilities will improve learning efficiency and integrity. Integrate experts from different majors to better exchange opinions, so as to achieve one of the main goals of the new R & D center, that is, to evaluate the future technology and future development trend of the industry, so as to establish the strategic direction of R & D for the future development of Liugong

Guan Tongbao said, "we hope to introduce high-quality personnel to Liugong, which can impart knowledge and stimulate the motivation of colleagues to learn in professional aspects. Our purpose is not to introduce engineers who can only design and optimize excavators, but to hire engineers who can design better excavators, so as to encourage and improve the professional ability of other employees in this way."

this unique staff training method helps Liugong gather excellent high-quality talents. Under their influence, the R & D team has produced a steady stream of rising stars. By combining the selfless dedication of employees with the advanced technical capabilities of the new global R & D center, Liugong is expected to achieve great success worldwide in the next few years

when talking about expectations for the research center, Guan Tongbao added: "The first and most important thing is to ensure that we can do things correctly. The company has always attached importance to building a solid foundation and gradually promote it. The more solid the foundation is, the faster our progress will be, and even revolutionary technological achievements will be produced at some time. The establishment of a research center that meets the needs of scientific and technological personnel and engineers can help us improve our core competitiveness. There are just a few months of new research Heart will be officially launched, and our customers will begin to feel the changes brought about by optimized research and development. I am confident that in the next few years, Liugong will create more technologies and products to promote the development of the industry. Personally, I will also be lucky to work in the R & D center with the most complete facilities, which gives us a platform to compete with the world's first-class construction machinery manufacturers. "

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