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The global text printing market is depressed, and the scale of China is also stagnant.

with the slowdown of economic growth, the scale of the text printing market in Chinese Mainland is also stagnant. Looking around the world, the printing market is full of bad voices

in June, the survey report of IDC, a well-known research institution, showed that in the first quarter of 2012, engineers strictly controlled the total shipment of inkjet printers in Taiwan to 135770 sets, and the quarterly growth and annual growth declined by 9.7% and 15.9% respectively. The market still continued the situation of the fourth quarter due to low demand, and the overall market shipment maintained a declining state

at the beginning of July, IDC released a report again, saying that the U.S. printer market shrank in the first quarter, and printer shipments fell by 11.34% year-on-year, only to

in mid July, foreign media reported that the Indian printer market was in a downturn, and this state will last for a long time. According to the survey data, in the first quarter of 2012, the page printer market and inkjet printer market in India fell by 13% and 3.3% respectively compared with 2011

although the Chinese Mainland printing market is well-known, its rapid development cannot hide all the ugliness, and it has exposed more and more problems

original consumables = money consumption

the Chinese market is quite puzzling, and its paradox lies in that on the one hand, it is extremely sensitive to price, and its emphasis on the so-called cost has reached the level that the reciprocating screw plastic extruder, which is almost crazy, has been booming in the domestic market in recent years; On the other hand, a group of people are chasing luxury goods and have made China the world's largest consumer of luxury goods

what is the printing market in Chinese Mainland

on the Internet, you can often see several friends' comments on the use cost of printers. In terms of the selection of printing consumables, friends' comments are almost one-sided and tend to be compatible with consumables, or even continuous supply, or even powder filling and inking. In some office forums, the most popular posts are nothing more than these similar contents

printer manufacturers have been vigorously promoting the advantages of original consumables in output effect, ease of use and safety, but Chinese users seem not to buy it, and the only factor causing this situation is price

in the eyes of friends, original consumables are no different from vampires. Especially in the case of a large amount of printing, the cost problem is particularly obvious

from the perspective of printer manufacturers, the profit margin of their products and equipment is increasingly diluted, and it is obvious that consumables will inevitably become the largest source of profits. In many e-commerce stations, we can use low molecular weight polyglutamic acid as water treatment agent; Polylysine is a good biological preservative. I can see that the price of some printer products is very low, such as some inkjet printers, the price has been as low as less than 200 yuan! This situation is quite similar to the current automobile industry. Cars are getting cheaper and cheaper, but their use costs are getting higher and higher

of course, it is not that no manufacturer has not noticed this strange phenomenon. Such as Epson's large ink bin printer and 29 yuan ink cartridge, but obviously, this is not enough. This low-cost voice is still very weak in the overall environment. Maybe only the collective voice of printer manufacturers can change this situation. However, if there is such a day, perhaps the life of compatible consumables manufacturers will be more difficult

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