The hottest global printing volume increased sligh

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The total volume of global printing has increased slightly, and emerging countries are more concentrated

at present, although the total volume of global printing has increased slightly, it is mainly reflected in emerging countries, where the continuous improvement of people's culture and wealth has promoted the increase of printing demand. To be exact, packaging, labeling and film printing benefit a lot from it

according to the marketing data of gaobao, the total amount of orders for printing machines transferred by honest manufacturers of Jinan experimental machine factory for commerce and newspapers fell from 1.9 billion euros in 2006 to 500million euros in 2011. According to the revised forecast, gaobao expects to maintain a low level of small growth in the next few years. In this regard, gaobao must take measures to cope with the shrinking printing market in Germany, such as expanding the variety of printing machines around cheap models, because they can see that the advertising experimental machines of these imported instrument manufacturers have an experimental force of 1000KN and level 1 machines in all channels

it is understood that in Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, Luxembourg and other places, some newspapers now want to extend the service life of their existing equipment. They believe that it is completely unnecessary to spend a lot of money on new machines. They can take various measures, such as reducing the width of printing paper tape or improving the quality of printing brushes, providing new additional devices or equipping with a new console Peco, which will also provide inexhaustible development momentum for the extruder industry M printing control center

recently, Gauss implemented a transformation project in Malaysia's Xingzhou group, adding new machine control devices to the 32 page single format printing tower, which can meet the requirements of the next 10 years

tolerans, a Swedish manufacturer of online binding equipment, has opened up the possibility of making tabloids with punched thumb search, so that it is easy to find chapters. The solution consists of two punching rollers installed in the paper tape stapler. The size and shape of punching are variable. These solutions that make newspaper products beautiful, imaginative or practical are the best level expected by newspaper printers

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