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At present, there are many gravure printing equipment manufacturers in China, and the localization rate of equipment has been very high. Among them, enterprises such as Shaanxi beiren, Shanzhang light industry and Zhongshan Songde have already had a large production scale, and the production process and technology are at the domestic leading level. The printing speed and quality of domestic equipment can basically meet the requirements of users, and the market share of domestic gravure printing equipment is also increasing year by year. According to the survey data, more than 60% of printing plants mainly use domestic gravure printing machines, and about 10% of enterprises use domestic equipment and imported equipment at the same time

Due to its unique process, gravure printing has a thick ink layer on the substrate and a large amount of ink, which is especially suitable for printing on the substrate of plastics and other materials. At present, many gravure printing machines in China have been widely used in the field of plastic packaging bag/box printing. The survey data shows that about 66.7% of the gravure printing machines of printing enterprises are mainly engaged in the printing of plastic packaging bags/boxes

secondly, tobacco and alcohol packaging is also the main printing field of gravure printing. About 26% of users in China apply gravure printing machine in the field of cigarette/wine package printing. In the provinces with relatively developed tobacco and alcohol industry, the gravure printing of cigarette/wine bags is also relatively developed. For example, Yunnan Province has more than 50 gravure printing production lines with 6-8 colors, which generally use spoke sensors. Almost all of these gravure printing production lines are printing cigarette bags/wine bags for major tobacco enterprises

the number of domestic flexo printing machine manufacturers has increased in recent years, and the technical level has also improved. However, compared with gravure printing equipment, its annual production capacity is low, which can not meet the improvement of automation and data accuracy in the domestic market; You can also save experimental parameter requirements. Imported flexo printing machines account for a considerable proportion in China. About 44% of printing enterprises mainly use imported flexo printing equipment, and half of printing enterprises use domestic brand flexo printing equipment. Most large and medium-sized printing enterprises use imported equipment, while most small private enterprises use domestic flexographic printing equipment. Flexographic printing is not completely consistent in the main application fields in China and Europe and the United States. In the United States, more than 95% of corrugated boxes are printed by flexographic printing machines, while only about one fifth in China

domestic flexographic printing is mainly used in the printing of self-adhesive trademarks and labels. According to the survey data, about 50% of the flexographic printing machines of printing enterprises are mainly used for the printing of self-adhesive trademarks and labels

the printing of plastic products is still the world of gravure printing, but flexographic printing is seizing this market segment. Plastic printing has become the second largest application field besides self-adhesive trademark/label printing, and more than a quarter of printing enterprises apply flexographic printing machines to this printing field

folding carton is another application field of flexographic printing. In the past decade, the rapid development of food, daily necessities, cosmetics and other industries has driven the development of packaging and printing in these fields. For example, the market demand for roof bags, Kangmei bags, Tetra Pak bags, as well as various food packaging boxes, commodity packaging boxes, cosmetics packaging boxes, etc. in food has increased sharply. Flexographic printing widely uses environmental friendly water-based inks, which will not cause harm to consumers' bodies, and is in line with today's green and healthy consumption concept. With its incomparable advantages, more and more enterprises in the food, daily necessities and cosmetics industries choose flexographic printing in recent years. With the continuous promotion and strengthening of environmental awareness in China, consumers will increasingly recognize environmental friendly products, and the market share of flexographic printing in folding cartons will still be improved

in addition, flexographic printing has also gradually entered the field of book/newspaper printing, and has achieved some market share

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