The hottest global pppe market struggled in 2010

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The president of LyondellBasell, the largest polypropylene (PP) producer in the global pp/pe market in 2010, said: "with the production of more and more polyolefin production capacity in the Middle East, it is expected that the supply-demand balance will deteriorate in 2010." In 2010, the situation of polypropylene/polyethylene will be more difficult, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the service life of the machine. TBEA is the first largest shareholder of Xinjiang Zhonghe. Due to the unsatisfactory balance between supply and demand, the PE and PP operating rates in the world in 2010 were far below 100%. Although it is predicted that the demand in Asia will increase by% in 2010, the demand growth in Europe and the United States is expected to flatten out

Anton de Vries, President of European International Department of LyondellBasell, also said that in this context, industry insiders may see more production lines announce production stoppages. At the 4th Gulf petrochemical and chemical forum, de Vries said that the company had closed its polyethylene (PE) plant with an annual output of 300000 tons/year in Europe in 2009, and only retained the polypropylene (PP) plant with an annual output of 110000 tons/year in wesling. Therefore, there may be more mergers and reorganizations in PP in the future

de Vries said that the PE market in Europe could not be further stabilized in the short term. Any decision on comprehensive capacity must be based on the company's commercial feasibility and the global supply and demand balance. Due to the recent rebound in U.S. demand, leanderbasel has not made any further moves to reduce U.S. polyolefin production capacity

in 2008, a PP plant with an output of 10000 tons/year in Liande, the United States, was shut down. It is expected that there is no need to further reduce production capacity in 2010. Due to the strong export performance of polyolefin industry to the United States this year, the company has recently changed its decision to close its PE capacity in chocolate bayou

The marginal producers of PE and PP said that this year's profit margin was far better than expected. It is expected that by 2011, when the impact of the global economic crisis begins to fade, the balance of supply and demand may be further improved

de Vries said that there is another driving factor in Europe and the United States, that is, the Middle East, which has unique advantages in raw materials, also provides comprehensive consultation and material selection for stone technology intelligent sweeping robots in PE and kostron, and the launch of PP new production capacity. For the continuous influx of Middle East raw materials with relatively low costs, the company can adopt the way of joint venture with Middle East enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and common development. So far, Leander has launched two box enterprises, namely, PE (SEPC) joint venture with Saudi Arabia and Weihai Petrochemical PP production plant in aljubail, Saudi Arabia. The two joint ventures greatly enhanced Lyondell's global competitiveness in 2009

China is the largest polyolefin exporter of lyonde, and India's import potential needs to be further improved. Turkey is another important market of lyondez. Its demand is second only to Germany and Italy. Because local production is limited, Turkey is also a strong importer

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