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The development of the global printing equipment and equipment market in 2015 is expected to reach US $21.22 billion

the global industry analysis company (GIA) recently released a research report on the global printing equipment and equipment market. The results show that the size of the global printing equipment and equipment market is expected to reach US $21.22 billion in 2015 due to the growth in the market demand for inkjet printers, digital color machines and special imaging printers

the global industry analysis company (GIA) recently released a research report on the global printing equipment market. The scale of the global printing equipment market is expected to reach 21.22 billion US dollars in 2015. In the past decade, digital printing has made great progress and won a considerable market share from the traditional sheet fed printing. Even if the economic crisis broke out, the growth trend of digital printing is still very obvious. In addition, the trend of consolidation in the printing industry will also become more and more intense, which is mainly affected by rising costs, shrinking profits and excessive price pressure

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was the most difficult year for the global printing industry, and had a serious impact on printing service providers and printing equipment suppliers. The sales volume of printing equipment fell by 7%-8% during this period, and many enterprises have implemented special plans to survive in the increasingly harsh market environment. Nevertheless, the global economy and the printing industry showed signs of recovery in the first half of 2010 under the guidance of the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, and the market demand for sheet fed printers and web presses also increased accordingly

Europe is still the largest market for printing equipment, followed by the United States and Asia Pacific. In the next five years, the Asia Pacific region will rank first in the world in terms of annual compound growth rate, which is mainly due to the rapid development of the printing industry in Australia, China, India, Mauritius, Singapore and Thailand. The printing machine with rich functions is the most important product in the printing 10) interface type: rs482 equipment industry

among them, offset printing and found that this technology has reached the stability of similar integration. The market demand for flexographic printing machines is the largest, and the average annual compound growth rate of sheet fed printing machines between years ranks first among all kinds of printing equipment

it is understood that the main suppliers in the printing equipment market are: Agfa, boster, Dufu, Marken IMAS, Gauss international, graphicsmicrosystems, Heidelberg, HP, Illinois too. We should also pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance of the host machine, oil source and control system. Lworks, Kodak graphic imaging group, gaobao, Manroland, mediaandprecision technology company, Martini, liyoubi, Xerox, etc

the characteristics of the printing machinery industry will change with market factors, the degree of competition and the diversity of customers. The growth and profit potential of different printing machinery fields are also different. In the past few years, the use of digital computer direct plate making (CTP) technology has completely surpassed the traditional analog technology. Now, more and more small and medium-sized printing plants have begun to use digital prepress workflow. The increase in market demand for printed matter and the improvement of capacity utilization of printing enterprises will urge people to increase investment in the printing media industry

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