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The global RFID Application Exhibition and China Summit was held in Beijing

following the successful hosting of the first global RFID China Summit in Beijing last October, the global RFID Application Exhibition and China Summit (spring 2005), which is still hosted by the RFID China Forum, will also be held at the Beijing International Convention Center from April 26 to 28, 2005

unlike the previous summit, which focused on RFID policy, theory and macro, the theme of this summit will focus on the application of RFID products. The specific topics will include five aspects: the East and the West will gather in Beijing again to discuss the application and future of RFID; The first meeting between global RFID applicators and suppliers; Help Chinese manufacturing enterprises meet the requirements of international buyers; Real RFID application success case analysis; RFID international standard update; The latest RFID products are fully displayed

according to relevant sources of the RFID China Forum, at that time, in addition to the leaders of relevant ministries and commissions in China such as the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of information industry of China, the China Council for the promotion of trade, the China Federation of logistics and procurement, and entrepreneurs from ChinaLink and Wumart group, RFID technology experts, heads of RFID manufacturing enterprises and representatives of RFID industry associations from many countries in the world will also attend the summit. At present, the foreign speakers who have confirmed with the RFID China Forum to participate in this summit include: Mr. Dan Mullen, chairman of aim Global International Association for automatic identification technology, Mr. Chris Adcock, chairman of EPC global, Mr. Craig K. Harmon, chairman of ISO (International Standards Organization) RFID application working group in the international supply chain, Mr. John Venator, chairman of the computer technology industry association, and the head of the industry association of RIFD Association in Korea, And executives from world-famous enterprises such as IBM, Texas Instruments, sun, NTT data, Intel, etc

rad is definitely good. 2 ⑶ consumer manufacturers or brand enterprises IO frequency identification (full translation "radio frequency identification", English abbreviation RFID) is commonly known as electronic tags in Chinese. As a high-tech and the basis of information standardization for rapid, real-time and accurate collection and processing of information, this technology is listed as one of the top ten important technologies in this century. RFID technology is widely used in production, retail, logistics, transportation and other industries through the unique and effective identification of physical objects (including retail goods, logistics units, containers, freight packaging, production parts, etc.). RFID technology has gradually become an indispensable technical tool and means for enterprises to improve the level of logistics supply chain management, reduce costs, informatization of enterprise management, participate in the international economic cycle, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

since the beginning of 2004, the application of RFID in China is showing an accelerated development trend:

-- on April 22, 2004, EPCglobal China announced its official establishment and held a grand unveiling ceremony. The establishment of EPCglobal China has ensured the overall effective promotion of China's EPC industry in terms of organization, marking the full start of China's work in tracking the development trends of international EPC and IOT technology, researching and developing related products of EPC technology, promoting the standardization of EPC technology, and promoting the application of EPC Technology

-- on April 22, 2004, the Japanese uid center, one of the three major standards organizations in the world's RFID field, signed an agreement with shihuakai, announcing the establishment of uid China Center. They set the goal to integrate EPC standards and uid standards, and put forward more perfect RFID standard suggestions to the international organization for Standardization ISO

-- on November 2, 2004, the first "barcode and RFID laboratory demonstration base" in China was settled in Tianjin Communications vocational college

-- on December 3, 2004, Hewlett Packard held a manufacturing industry seminar in the Asia Pacific region, announcing that in the next five years, Hewlett Packard will invest $150million in RFID technology research and development, pilot applications, etc. At present, in the Asia Pacific region, HP has established RFID technology centers in Singapore and Taiwan, China, with more than 200 professionals responsible for researching RFID technology and providing solutions

-- on December 5, 2004, Hong Kong Science and Technology Park signed a land lease agreement with united storage freight Co., Ltd., which will invest a total of more than 210 million yuan. The utilization of aluminum in Hong Kong can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and build a large logistics transfer center in Yuen Long Industrial Park in Hong Kong. After the completion of the 9-storey logistics center covering an area of about 24000 square meters, the logistics center will become the largest facility equipped with RFID collaboration in Hong Kong

-- on December 10, 2004, SAP company, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Jiaotong University and auto ID (automatic identification technology) laboratory jointly unveiled the Shanghai RFID (radio frequency identification) demonstration center. As the first RFID Application Exhibition point in China, the demonstration center aims to introduce domestic enterprises to the cutting-edge applications of RFID technology in the supply chain and commercial fields

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-- in 2004, with the investment of several billion yuan, it took ten years, and through the efforts of two generations, the railway transportation management information system TMIS, the foundation of China's railway transportation management, successfully ended with the frequent use of this method to evaluate the wear rate of major parts of engines, and launched a long-distance automatic identification system that fully owns China's independent intellectual property rights. After adopting RFID technology, the Ministry of Railways has achieved real-time and automation of statistics, reduced management costs and improved resource utilization. According to statistics, the annual economic benefits of direct savings can reach more than 300million yuan

-- on January 14, 2005, shihuakai e-commerce group announced the official launch of the "weiche No.1" RFID car anti-theft system series products

-- on January 26th, 2005, zhangchenghai, executive deputy director of China article coding center, revealed that the RFID frequency band test in China was completed, and the RFID standard will be determined by the end of this year

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