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The global demand for rigid plastic packaging is rising, and the awareness of environmental protection is strengthened

in recent years, the global demand for rigid plastic packaging is rising, and the public's awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. In this regard, many manufacturers and retailers are moving towards the target market of efficient and environmentally friendly rigid plastic packaging

at the same time, reusable plastic containers (RPCs) are also rapidly occupying corrugated products and wood products used for the transportation of fresh agricultural products. This plastic Fair has not only increased its market share in terms of exhibition content, number of booths, grade of exhibitors, invitation of exhibitors, etc., but also the American retail giant Wal Mart, which has the greatest impact on RPC

consultants and researchers at pila International's UK headquarters said that the number of food and beverage packaging production in Europe is expected to increase above the average in 2010 and 2015. The compound annual growth rate is 3.7%, and the growth rate of plastic bottles and trays is expected to be about 3.8%, which is twice the overall growth rate of food and beverage packaging in Europe

traditional plastic packaging is replaced by rigid plastic packaging

rigid plastic packaging is shatterproof and light weight, so they are increasingly replacing traditional rigid plastic packaging, such as glass, metal, cardboard, cartons, etc. Pila international also said that before all experiments, check whether the connections of the experimental machine are normal. Suppliers in the packaging industry are making plastic products lightweight, recyclable and biodegradable through innovative integration, so as to improve the value of products. At the same time, traditional fiber packaging materials (cellophane and translucent paper) have a trend of being phased out. Polypropylene film is most likely to completely replace cellophane, and translucent paper (and grease proof paper) will be replaced by high-density and low-density metal foil, especially those with bimetal extrusion and resin, which can double their functions

according to the analysis of industry personnel, although the economic situation is not optimistic, the pace of growth has slowed down, and inflation, India's polymer and plastic market is expected to expand steadily in 2012. At the same time, due to the slow procurement activities in the film and pipeline industry, the demand for polyethylene is expected to increase by only 4% in 2012. In addition, due to national policies, the use of plastic bags is limited, and the demand for high-density polyethylene slows down

we are willing to maintain close communication and coordination with China in international and regional affairs. At present, as a new generation of pets, rigid polymer packaging accounts for one third of the world's consumption of rigid plastic packaging, and polyethylene is being replaced as the main material

however, for plastic manufacturers, to comply with the market development trend, the key part of the challenge is how to develop the rigid plastic packaging industry as well as the traditional plastic packaging industry. When developing rigid plastic packaging, in order to maintain sales performance and improve sales profits, manufacturers also show more flexibility to provide packaging in different shapes to meet the needs of different customers. For example, Dow launched a new polymer product series amplifytmty functional polymer specially tailored for the complex multi-layer food packaging field. This product contains a variety of interlayer bonding layer products with different functions, which are suitable for a wide range of barrier packaging applications. This kind of adhesive layer with excellent viscosity can bond the barrier material with film or other base materials used in flexible packaging, and help to improve the overall performance of packaging

according to the survey, more and more people are willing to use plastic cans and plastic bottles in recent years, which also indicates that they will replace glass products and metal products in some cases, so as to reduce the packaging cost and obtain more profits

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