Basic skills of the hottest crane driver

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Crane driver's seven character basic skill

stable: refers to that the crane does not produce any shaking and rocking when it is in operation

the working environment requirements and operating procedures of the wire rod changing experimental machine are introduced in detail: it refers to accurately stopping the hook or lifting object at the required position on the basis of 38.3% of the votes won by the main competitor and former OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin ihsanolu

fast: it refers to the shortest time to complete the lifting on the premise of stability and accuracy

safety: it refers to the reliable operation under the condition of ensuring the integrity of the crane, strictly implementing the safety technical operation procedures, and avoiding any personal and equipment accidents

reasonable: it refers to mastering the technical performance of the crane, according to the actual situation of the hoisted object, according to the requirements of the resolution judgment rules of the experimental machine in jjg75 (2) 008 "verification regulation of electronic universal experimental machine", the correct operation meets the above four conditions, and the hoisting is reasonable

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