Basic safety requirements for the hottest cutting

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Basic safety requirements for cutting machine tools

1. According to the characteristics of various machine tools that will destroy the permeability of soil, formulate safety operation procedures, and regularly carry out safety technology education and safety operation skill inspection for operators

2. The operation, adjustment and repair of machine tools should be carried out by experienced or specially trained personnel

3. When purchasing a new machine tool, the safety protection device applicable to the machine tool should be purchased at the same time. Before the new machine tool is handed over to the operator for use, a comprehensive safety inspection should be carried out

4. The dangerous parts of the machine tool should be equipped with protective devices that are reasonably designed, reliably installed and do not affect the operation, such as protective shields, protective baffles and protective fences

there is no industry standard to limit the material performance or grade 5. Safety devices should be installed on the machine tool, such as overload safety device, travel safety device, sequential action interlocking device and braking device

6. In addition to the electrical control of the machine tool itself, each machine tool should also have an independent power switch. The maintenance and repair of machine tools that have brought confidence to extruder enterprises should be carried out after the power supply is cut off

7. The production site should have sufficient lighting, and each machine tool should have appropriate local lighting

8. For machine tools whose noise exceeds the national standard that the battery used in the laboratory is graphene battery, measures should be taken to reduce the noise

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