Basic safety measures to prevent electric shock in

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Basic safety measures to prevent electric shock in villa group project

1. Protection of frequently live equipment: according to the nature of electrical equipment, voltage level, surrounding environment and operating conditions, it is required to protect accidental contact, accidental approach or possible contact. Therefore, for bare conductors or buses, measures such as enclosure, high hanging or high cover insulation, screen protection and blocking, and ensuring a safe distance are adopted. On the electrical equipment for production and daily use under 1000V, the fuse and knife switch are equipped with insulating covers, which are typical covers of this kind of protective measures. It should be noted that for high-voltage equipment, whether exposed or not, measures of shielding and ensuring safety distance should be taken. In addition, in many cases, the interlocking device can be used to prevent accidental contact or excessive approach to the charged body. Once it contacts or approaches, the interlocking device will automatically cut off the power supply

2. Protection of accidental live equipment: operators will inevitably contact the metal shell of the original non live part during operation. Sometimes, this kind of contact is still a normal operation, such as touching the motor shell with your hand to test the heating condition. When the installer operates the hand-held electric tool, he will contact its shell for a long time. If the insulation of these equipment is damaged, there will be voltage, and workers will be in danger of accidental electric shock. In order to reduce or eliminate the risk of this voltage invading the equipment shell, measures such as protective grounding and protective neutral connection or installation of leakage circuit breaker can be adopted, which also provides more and more selected space, or double insulation structure can be adopted for the insulation of the dead part, and temporary measures such as making the operator stand on the insulating seat or insulating carpet can also be taken. For small electric tools or small units that often move, measures to limit the voltage level can also be taken, and the voltage used is within the range of safe voltage

3. Protection during inspection and repair: during the inspection, repair or test of electrical circuits or electrical equipment, signs or signals should be used to help workers make correct judgments in order to prevent paralysis or occasional loss of judgment ability. The signs are used to distinguish the use of various parts of electrical equipment, cables and wires, and to express the increasingly strengthened protection of intellectual property rights by the state with words, numbers and symbols, and use different colors to avoid errors during operation, inspection and maintenance; Use red and green signals to indicate the situation of a certain equipment in the electrical device to the staff; Warn and indicate the operation and maintenance conditions to other personnel with work boards or instructions; If special circumstances require live maintenance, in order to avoid electric shock accidents, appropriate protective appliances should be used. The hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. can detect all kinds of raw materials, which belong to the protection of electrical technology, including: insulating table, pad, boots, gloves, insulating rod pliers, electric village indicator, portable temporary grounding device, etc. Non electronic watch technology includes goggles, safety belts, etc

in addition, as a task of electrical safety, necessary preventive safety measures should be taken for fire and explosion accidents that may be caused by electric sparks and arcs, and high-altitude falling accidents may occur during electrician installation and maintenance; Adequate attention should also be paid to other accidents that may be caused by improper or accidental power failure, and mechanical injury accidents that may be caused by electrical equipment of construction machinery

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