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The basic law of packaging design

the common factors that remain unchanged in the series of packaging design are trademarks, plane form arrangement and fonts. The three-dimensional shape, color and graphic content will be transformed between common and individual factors with the change of product elements. That is to say, after clarifying the common factors trademark and product functions that remain unchanged in the series packaging design, let's combine the specifications, quantity, shape, composition, color, price of many elements of the product with the three-dimensional shape, color, graphics and text of the packaging design elements to further understand which factors are the key elements to form the series commonality, and then design and improve it

modern packaging design elements

1. The main exhibition design

because its area is relatively small, and at the same time it is the image of goods, the design screen should quickly introduce the goods to consumers, and use words and close-up images to express directly

2. Overall design

because the main exhibition surface is not partial, it should not be isolated. It is necessary to consider the overall image of the whole package, and form the overall composition by means of coherence, repetition, echo and segmentation between words, graphics and colors

things you must know before printing

1. Reasonable application of color

paper will make the color better in the detection of iron; The higher the working frequency, the unexpected deviation will appear. Designers should know that for the same white paper, the degree of white between them is warmer or colder, which will affect the change of printing color. For example, if yellow is printed on the colder white paper, it will turn yellow green, and if printed on the warmer white paper, it will turn red. Especially for the application of colored art paper, we should be more cautious and know well. In addition, the paper with loose texture will absorb more ink, and the color will be dim after printing. That is to say, how much ink is absorbed by different paper surfaces? Enterprises want to be large and complete, and even the actual point of printing the same paper on different printing machines is different. The humidity of the air will also affect the paper. An excellent designer should know how to use the characteristics of paper to enhance the design effect, and finally when the ink contacts the paper, creativity can be truly reflected. Color change across the box is very dangerous, especially for large sizes. Cartons with very high quality requirements. Even in the best case, indentation folding will not be very accurate. Due to the slight error of the indentation, when the carton is folded, the color block on one side will be folded to the other side. Don't be surprised that the color of the printed product is very different from the color displayed on the computer screen. The basis of printing color is based on the correct data input to the computer through the sampling in the printed chromatogram. For high-quality packaging cartons, try not to adopt folio printing above. Because offset printing transfers ink to the rotating ink roller through a single ink bucket across the width of the entire printing unit. Each ink bucket is controlled and operated independently, and the increase of dot is inevitable, especially for the packaging box with a large area of background color, it is more difficult to control the color uniformity of the left and right cartons on the entire folio layout. For some colors that cannot be printed by four-color overlay, such as dark red, brilliant purple and fluorescent colors, special color printing should be considered. For a large area of the ground color of the field version, it is necessary to adopt secondary printing to make the ground color uniform. The field does not show white, and at the same time, some techniques are adopted to make the picture more rich and durable. For example, for the black field version, a set of 30% blue can be printed first, and then the field black can be printed, which can make the loose color of black more thick and mysterious. To know that the yellow ink used on the printing machine is almost transparent, and it is impossible to print a high concentration of yellow, we must consider adding some magenta, thereby increasing chromaticity. The film can increase the thickness of the picture, but it will dim the color of the picture slightly

2. Rational application of paper

there are two commonly used paper (full size) specifications: the area of standard paper is 787mm long and 1092mm wide; The area of special paper is 880mm long and 1230mm wide; Imported paper also has various specifications, such as 889mm long and 94mm wide. When printing, the car is loaded according to the size of the machine, generally including full drive, cross drive and four drive. Small 16 drive offset printing car, etc. In order to avoid waste, the designer must consider the size of the finished carton as close as possible to or in line with the number of paper sheets you are going to use on the computer. Skillfully use the mutual insertion of the top cover and the bottom cover of the carton, and use the insertion (tongue) part to load and make full use of the paper

3. Printing and other precautions

printing is often determined by the number of prints. Generally, the principle of turning 5000 sheets of paper on the machine once is a printing (less than 5000 is 5000), and turning four colors four times is four printing. The size of the paper is based on the opening number of the machine, not the size of the carton. The printing process of the four opening machine and the folio machine is basically the same. Therefore, it is more economical to choose four opening or two opening according to the number of printing. If the designer can design some color blocks from four-color overprint to be printed by spot color at one time, it will reduce the printing cost and save expenses. For large spot color blocks and large field color blocks, due to the need for secondary printing, the printing process has to be considered as two sets of colors. Printing gold or silver is also considered two sets of colors. Bronzing, silver, colored gold foil and embossing are generally three sets of colors, but they should be calculated according to the area of bronzing. Therefore, in order to save costs when designing the picture, the designer should try not to design too scattered between the bronzing part and other parts

the design color manuscript of the product packaging screen is only a blueprint on paper, not the finished product of the product packaging. It must be achieved through the above series of production processes. To achieve the desired effect, designers must understand the production process of plate making and printing. The forming process of modern packaging: design, production, printing manuscript, color separation, plate making, printing (including rolling concave convex, bronzing, film sticking), rolling box, bonding and forming. Printing is the most basic and important processing technology of packaging design. The so-called printing is to make a large number of copies of words or graphics through a printing plate in various ways. Different printing processes have different characteristics,

at present, there are two main methods of paper printing process: lead printing and copper plate printing, which can also be called relief printing. The relief printing machine is a small semi manual machine; The other is the more advanced force offset printing to obtain the tear specimen, which can also be called flat printing. The offset printing machines include small offset printing machines and large offset printing machines. Relief printing and lithographic printing have different effects due to different processes, and the requirements for the design are also different. Therefore, before the design, we have to consider which printing method will be used, especially whether embossing or offset printing will be used

1. Letterpress printing

letterpress printing must be based on the color design draft. In addition, it is necessary to draw a color differentiated black-and-white copy. For the packaging of letterpress printing, black and white manuscript is a very important part. It will be directly used for photographic sensitization. The black-and-white manuscript is not well drawn, or it is inconsistent with the original, and the wrong Division will affect the printing effect. Pay attention to the cut. The cut refers to the part of the printed matter cut with a knife after printing. Generally, the cut must be 3mm. If the color block of the painting is through the edge without leaving a white edge, 2 3mm of bleeding should be released when drawing a black-and-white painting. In this way, the white edge will not be exposed when cutting into finished products after printing, and the net dimension line (finished product line) and gross dimension line will be drawn. Finally, a cross line must be drawn in the middle of the top, bottom, left and right of the manuscript, so as to facilitate the making up of plates during plate making and printing

2. Offset plate making

the design draft of offset plate making can be directly made into a plate making draft, and the color pictures or color photos on the plate making draft can be spot scanned through computer control. Whether it is embossing or offset printing, carton packaging has its particularity. In addition, it is necessary to draw the cutter grinding diagram of carton structure and draw the layout as needed. The knife grinding diagram of carton structure is used to arrange knife grinding. After carton printing, knife grinding is needed to cut finished products and roll folding lines. Therefore, the cutter grinding drawing must be consistent with the structure of the design and production drawing, and the position of the structural line must not have any error. Otherwise, due to the error of the structural line, the structure after rolling the box will deviate to the top or bottom, resulting in the error of the surface of the whole box. The layout is made according to the characteristics of the printing machine. If the Gross size of the plate making draft is six open, and the machine on the car is four open, then the 16 open plate making draft needs to be assembled into four open drawings, leaving 3mm of the edge line between the paper box and the paper box. When the paper is put into the machine, the bite of the machine on the paper must be left for about 10mm, which is convenient for the printing basis after plate making. Finally, the rough edge of the paper must be left for 10mm polishing. Generally, it is OK to draw a knife grinding drawing and a jigsaw puzzle

in a word, modern packaging design must integrate creative arrangement, production and printing technology, and play a coordinated role in order to complete excellent works

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