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On July 14, China Plastics warehouse receipt midday brief comment

I. Market Overview:

international oil prices fell first and then rose. Today, China plastics ABS warehouse receipt opened higher and the disk was stable and rising. In terms of transaction details, today's trading atmosphere was light, terminal demand was still weak, and there was no obvious sign of volume trading. The actual trading volume increased compared with the previous trading day, and the order volume increased slightly compared with the previous trading day. The ABS index closed at 1333.31 today, up 9.15 points from yesterday. From a technical point of view, the K-line chart shows a downward shadow of the positive line, and the physical center of gravity is higher than that of the previous trading day. KDJ indicators show that the opening distance is significantly reduced after the three lines are intertwined into a dead cross; The opening of the Bollinger line is slightly reduced; MACD index is highly reduced

II. Analysis of main varieties:

ab0808 opened at 15900 yuan/ton today, and continued to rise to 16130 yuan/ton after the opening. Today's closing price was 16130 yuan/ton, up 250 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The settlement price today was 16007 yuan/ton, up 127 yuan/ton from yesterday. In terms of technology, the Japanese K line receives a positive line of shadow; The position of the entity increased compared with the previous trading day; KDJ index shows that the three line openings are intertwined into golden forks, and the opening distance is enlarged

III. comprehensive comments:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $3.43/barrel to $145.08/barrel today, and Brent crude oil rose $2.46/barrel to $144.49/barrel

at the beginning of this week, due to Iran's constructive response to the nuclear ban proposal put forward by the world's six major powers, European and American crude oil futures fell back by $10 from the highest level in history. However, due to Iran's repeated missile tests, there are rumors that Israel may use Iraqi airspace and U.S. military bases to attack Iran. European and American crude oil futures soared in London trading on Friday, breaking through $147 a barrel. Buy and sell within ± 0.5% of the set value; In fact. After the Iraqi spokesman denied the above rumors, the crude oil futures price was off the intraday high. At the close of Friday, West Texas light oil June futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $145.08 a barrel, up $3.43 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 141 27 dollars; June Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $144.49 a barrel, up $2.46 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 141 The type of resin must be selected according to the melt activity rate (MFR) of the resin Five dollars

the market atmosphere of ps/abs in Yuyao plastic city was stable in the morning, and there were few people looking for an offer, which were mainly on the sidelines. Terminal demand is still weak, and the stalemate pattern will continue. The latest mainstream quotation for domestic ABS is yuan/ton. Imported ABS is yuan/ton. GPPS is yuan/ton, hips is yuan/ton

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