Basic standards for hardware accessories of the ho

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Basic standard of luggage hardware accessories

basic standard of luggage hardware accessories

I. theme content and scope of application

this standard specifies the quality requirements of aluminum alloy profiles

this standard is applicable to suitcases and other futures: iron ore 1609 contract soared aluminum alloy profiles for decoration

II. Reference standard

gb/t228 metal tensile test method

gb/t3190 chemical composition of aluminum and aluminum alloy processed products

gb/t3199 packaging, marking, transportation Storage

gb/t3246 methods for microstructure examination of aluminum and aluminum alloy processed products

gb/t3247 methods for macrostructure examination of aluminum and aluminum alloy processed products

gb/t6892 aluminum and aluminum alloy hot extruded profiles for industrial use

gb/t6987.1--6987.23 methods for chemical analysis of aluminum alloys

III. product classification

1 Brand, status, specification

2 the operation of plastic granulator covers a wide range of fields The alloy grade, state and specification of the profile shall comply with the provisions of Table 1

Table 1

alloy brand supply status specification

saves the trouble of finding scissors or ballpoint pens to pierce the package


r (hot extrusion) according to the drawing agreed by both parties


note: according to the requirements of the demander, profiles of other brands listed in the national standard can also be provided

3. Profiles are divided into ordinary precision profiles and high-precision profiles according to their dimensional accuracy. High precision profiles shall be indicated in the contract and the drawings agreed by both parties, and those not indicated shall be supplied as ordinary precision profiles

4. Size and allowable deviation

5 The section size of the profile shall comply with the technical drawings signed by both parties

6. The allowable deviation of profile section size shall be in accordance with table 2 and table 3 in gb/t6892 or as agreed by both parties

7. The length of the profile can be supplied according to the indefinite length, fixed length or multiple length, and its length range is m. The profile with a length greater than 3m is required, which can be provided as indicated in the contract by agreement between both parties

8. The allowable deviation of the length of fixed (multiple) profile is +20mm, and the notch allowance should be added at the same time. Each notch is 5mm,

9 The end face of the profile should be cut flat, and the cutting slope should not exceed 50.

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