Basic standard of Hebei printing market management

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Hebei printing market management basic norms

the inspection team of the general administration went to Hebei, the capital moat, to supervise and inspect the publication printing enterprises in Langfang, Baoding and Shijiazhuang. China publishing daily followed the inspection team to the enterprises and found that the management of Hebei printing enterprises was basically standardized, but some enterprises had problems such as incomplete printing entrustment procedures and nonstandard printing account management

inspection: make a plan in advance and randomly check the printing enterprises

in this special inspection, the General Administration formulated a thorough inspection plan in advance according to the directory of local publication printing enterprises. The inspection team, together with the local comprehensive law enforcement departments of publishing and cultural markets, made a surprise inspection of 10 publication printing enterprises in three regions by means of random inspection without saying hello in advance

the inspection team is led by caohongsui, deputy director of the printing and distribution management department of the General Administration of the people's Republic of China. Every time they go to an enterprise, they directly enter the production site to collect samples of publications in print, check whether there are illegal publications and pornographic publications, whether there are acts of piracy and theft, whether the five management systems are implemented, and focus on whether the printing Entrustment System and standardized management of printing accounts are implemented. The inspection team also inspected the use of the "printing and reproduction administrative law enforcement record book" printed and distributed by the General Administration of printing and distribution of high molecular waterproof roll tearing performance gb/t328.19 (2) 007, and investigated the operation and development of local printing enterprises

during the inspection, Li Xiaoming, director of Hebei Publishing Bureau, the leading comrades in charge of publishing in Langfang, Baoding and Shijiazhuang, and the directors of the three cities' culture, radio, film and Television Publishing Bureau carefully deployed the supervision work and fully communicated with the inspection team

problems: incomplete procedures, nonstandard account management

among the 10 enterprises inspected, 3 were in the state of shutdown, and 5 enterprises had illegal operations, which were mainly manifested in the following two types of problems:

did not implement the printing verification system, and did not engage in printing activities with legal or standardized entrustment procedures. During the inspection, five enterprises were unable to provide the printing authorization of books and periodicals or the internal information publication approval certificate of the 12 kinds of publication reaction frames in print, which are mainly composed of upper beams, columns, bases, nuts, etc. Specifically, it can be divided into three categories: first, it is engaged in printing business without legal entrustment procedures, and nine publications are involved in this situation; Second, there is no standard entrustment procedure to engage in printing business, which is manifested in that one kind of publication only has the entrustment sheet issued by the publishing unit without a formal and effective printing entrustment, and the book number of one kind of publication is not completely consistent with the book number in the printing entrustment; Third, printing enterprises accept the sub commissioned printing business without authorization. No matter which part is tested, it needs to be emptied with a drill in advance, which shows that a publication is being printed without a new printing Commission issued by the publishing unit. For these three kinds of violations, the inspectors immediately criticized and corrected them, ordered them to stop the illegal business behavior, temporarily withheld the relevant work in progress and publications, and required the enterprise to complete the relevant entrusted procedures within a time limit, which should be filed for investigation and treatment by the local government, and report the handling results within a time limit

some enterprises failed to implement the printing registration system and failed to register in the publication printing register (hereinafter referred to as the standing book) in accordance with the regulations. It shows that some enterprise accounts are not registered for a long time, and there is no special person to manage them; Some enterprises' account registration is not standardized, and the number of the power of attorney is not filled in as required. In this regard, the inspection team immediately asked the enterprise to set up a special person to manage the account, supplement it within a time limit and fill in the account in a standardized manner

Langfang lanxinya Color Printing Co., Ltd. was praised by the inspection team. The company strictly implemented five management systems, with complete printing entrustment procedures and standardized account management. Its self-made sample book numbering system has labels with numbers on the top of the spine of each sample book. All sample books are neatly arranged in the bookcase according to the numbers. According to the numbers on the labels, you can find the corresponding account page numbers and power of attorney procedures


although supervision and law enforcement are important, there are still weak links

the inspection team made the following analysis after investigating the local printing industry supervision

at an important time before the 18th CPC National Congress, the local Party committee, government and printing industry administrative departments attached great importance to printing supervision, and strengthened industry supervision on the basis of standardizing daily management. For example, the Publicity Department of the Hebei provincial Party committee interviewed the publicity ministers of various cities and the heads of the publishing administration departments to deploy the work of eliminating pornography and illegal publications and the supervision of printing and reproduction. Dingzhou Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and Television Publishing conducted legal training for 28 publication printing enterprises within its jurisdiction, and Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, film and television issued the "publication printing register" to publication printing enterprises within its jurisdiction

although administrative departments at all levels attach importance to supervision, the inspection still exposes some weak links in supervision and law enforcement. Some comprehensive law enforcement personnel in the publishing and cultural market have a weak sense of supervision. Without inspection, they subjectively assume that the entrusted procedures of the printing enterprise are legal, and even mistakenly believe that as long as the enterprise prints formal publications, whether there are procedures is not important; Others don't understand the procedures of enterprise inspection and how to check after getting the enterprise, so they can't find problems, let alone how to deal with them

the inspection team criticized on the spot the violations of some enterprises that only rely on the printing notice stamped by the publishing unit to process first and then supplement the entrusted procedures, and asked the relevant publishing administrative departments to instruct the publishing unit to actively cooperate with the printing enterprise to complete the relevant procedures. According to the printing enterprise, due to the current oversupply and fierce market competition, if the printing enterprise insists on requiring the publishing unit to issue a power of attorney, the publishing unit may find another printing enterprise. Some publishing units did not cooperate, resulting in difficulties in implementing the printing commission system

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