China should vigorously develop flame retardant ma

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China should vigorously develop the industry of flame retardant materials

China should vigorously develop the industry of flame retardant materials

September 19, 2003

at present, China has entered a new climax of real estate development and urban construction. There is a problem that is not always worth paying attention to in housing construction, that is, learning from the arson cases in Daegu and the subway in South Korea, as well as a number of large fire accidents in public places in China, A heavy lesson at a great cost of death and injury. Therefore, vigorously promoting flame retardant materials is a major problem we face

experts pointed out during the accident analysis that an important reason for the disastrous consequences is that when the disaster occurs, a large number of toxic gases released by the combustion of various materials without flame retardant treatment used on the site make people suffocate in a short time and die with the improvement of task conditions. If the materials used in the building on fire are treated in advance, the consequences caused by the fire will be much smaller, which requires us to vigorously develop the flame retardant material industry and actively promote flame retardant building materials

the rapid development of modern chemical industry makes organic synthetic materials widely used, but its flammability and flammability are very fatal. For typical flammable materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, plexiglass and polyformaldehyde,

must be flame retardant. Flame retardant research mainly includes two aspects: flame retardant and flame retardant materials

there are three main synthesis methods for flame retardant materials: first, the synthesis of flame retardant materials with flame retardant monomers directly exceeds that at any time in the past, such as the synthesis of PVC with vinyl chloride and the synthesis of polytetrafluoroethylene with tetrafluoroethylene; Second, reactive flame retardants and non flame retardant monomers are used to form copolymerized flame retardant materials. For example, tetrabromobisphenol A is used to replace part of bisphenol A to synthesize flame retardant epoxy resin materials; Thirdly,

additive flame retardants are added in the post-treatment or molding process of non flame retardant polymer materials, so that the obtained product

not only has the main physical and chemical properties of the original non flame retardant polymer, but also has new flame retardant functions

tetrabromobisphenol A is used to replace part of bisphenol A to synthesize flame retardant epoxy resin materials, which has formed a certain industrial norm in China. According to the statistical statements of China epoxy resin industry association, the production and sales of bromine containing

epoxy resin in the whole industry increased significantly last year, especially this year, as expected by the company and its suppliers. This reflects from one side the increasing trend of the use of flame retardant synthetic materials in China, and also shows that the quality of brominated epoxy resin in China has made great progress and is widely used in large buildings

China's epoxy resin industry has learned from the bank that Shandong Senbo 5000t/a tetrabromobisphenol A plant has been in normal operation, which is the first large-scale tetrabromobisphenol A plant in China, and the products can replace imports. Its completion has opened up a new world for China's flame retardant basic materials, and some large-scale domestic and foreign epoxy resin enterprises have made great efforts to develop the structural adjustment measures of bromine containing flame retardant epoxy resin enterprises, not only for their own 16 Applicable standards: ISO, ASTM, en, GB, DIN, JIS, ANSI, CSA, BS, AATCC, TAPPI, UL, VDE, IEC, CNS, etc It has opened up new varieties and types, and conforms to the development trend of flame retardant materials in China

however, it should be noted that the development of flame retardant materials in China is still unbalanced, especially the high cost of entering the market due to the high cost of flame retardant materials and the low price

competitiveness. For this reason, the state should strengthen the guidance of industrial policies, adopt the mandatory standard

to require the construction industry to use flame retardant materials, and give due support to flame retardant material enterprises

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