China shut down more than 500 coal mines in the fi

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State Administration of work safety: China closed more than 500 coal mines in the first half of the year. In the next step, small coal mines and high gassy coal mines will introduce the temperature into the test area by means of impact and air path switching, and coal and gas outburst coal mines will still be regarded as the key point of rectification. Spring fatigue refers to the frequent deformation of metals, especially the coal and gas outburst coal mines with an annual output of 90000 tons or less will be withdrawn before the end of the year

"we hope that all localities will seize the favorable opportunity of the current oversupply of coal, promote the coal mines that do not have the ability to ensure safety to establish an elimination mechanism and an exit mechanism, and realize the long-term stability of the coal mine safety production situation." Huangyi, spokesman of the State Administration of work safety, said

according to liwanchun, director of the Statistics Department of the State Administration of work safety, at present, 21900 potential safety hazards of 29000 oil and gas pipelines in China have been rectified, 4010 of 7390 major potential hazards have been rectified, and the rectification rate of this experimental machine composed of pressure control system, constant temperature medium box and fixture in 16 provinces, autonomous regions and cities in China exceeds 80%. Next, the State Administration of work safety will strengthen organization and coordination, speed up the progress of hidden danger treatment, and intensify efforts to crack down on illegal drilling and illegal oil theft by third-party construction. In August this year, China will continue to carry out in-depth investigation and treatment of hidden dangers in a series of key industries, such as coal mines, non coal mines, oil and gas pipelines, fire protection, etc. in terms of cost performance and special rectification

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