China printing and Equipment Industry Association

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After China's accession to the WTO, the China printing and equipment industry will take new measures in the near future. According to relevant personnel of the association, the association will set up an exhibition Working Committee and hold an exhibition working conference in Beijing. The establishment of the exhibition and its implementation in the production line 1 Committee and the holding of the exhibition working conference are aimed at exploring the international market, improving competitiveness and seizing a place in the international market after China's accession to the WTO. As a domestic enterprise, it must face both domestic and foreign markets, strive to enter the international market while meeting the needs of the domestic market, and seek development in the domestic and foreign market competition

the leaders in charge of this meeting talked about the meeting initially scheduled to be held in Huairou, Beijing from July 1 to 4. The purpose of this meeting is: to organize relevant member units to make joint efforts to do a good job in the exhibition work; The second is to analyze the situation and existing problems of the current printing exhibition, research the plastic tensile testing machine, which is more and more often used in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion manufacturers, and put forward corresponding solutions and suggestions. Now the association is working hard to prepare for the conference

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