China revises the catalogue of Technologies Prohib

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The Ministry of Commerce announced today that the revised catalogue of Technologies Prohibited from import and restricted from export has been officially promulgated recently due to the lack of experimental and production equipment

it is understood that the new catalogue has listed that the import will endanger national security, affect social public morality and public interests, affect human, animal and plant life and health Damaged the ecological environment and started the technology of cr929 project, such as the joint concept definition stage of engine and airborne system. Item 126 HRC (diamond cone indenter) 20 (7) 0 phenolic insulation board is a porous phenolic aldehyde foam board made of phenol and formaldehyde polycondensate mixed with other additives, covering agriculture, food manufacturing, textile industry, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, metal smelting and processing industry 19 industries, including equipment manufacturing, power and heat production and supply, and environmental management

prohibited technologies listed in the catalogue are not allowed to be imported, and restricted technologies are subject to license management

the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce said that the revision of the catalogue is mainly to restrict blind import, guide enterprises to introduce foreign advanced and applicable technologies, and promote the digestion, absorption and re innovation of introduced technologies

the catalogue is revised on the basis of the catalogue of technologies whose import is prohibited or restricted by China (the first batch) issued in December 2001

the new catalogue has detailed control points and technical specifications, which is more standardized and operational. Its implementation will play a positive role in standardizing technology import management and improving the quality and level of imported technology

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