An alley near xiahuai street in Quanzhou was decor

  • Detail reported on December 9 that Mr. Liu, a citizen, said: my family lives in xiahuai street in the urban area of Quanzhou. There is a pile of garbage in a nearby alley, which is very inconvenient for surrounding residents to get in and out

decoration garbage stacked on the road

Bang Bang verification: the alley Mr. Liu said is about 4 meters wide, but half of the road is occupied by a pile of decoration garbage. Passers-by said that this pile of garbage has been stacked for more than ten days. The garbage is next to the eaves of a self built residential building with house number 426, which is still being decorated. Ms. Lin, the head of the household, admitted that the garbage was temporarily put on the road during the recent house decoration. In addition to her home, nearby residents also threw the garbage over, causing access problems. She was also very helpless, “ I've cleaned it several times, but the house hasn't been decorated yet ”. She promised that she would clean up a little first to avoid blocking the road, and speed up the decoration progress. It is expected to take more than ten days, and workers will be invited to clean up at that time. (Haidu Bangbang Lai Zhichang text/picture)




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