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At the end of the year, there are also many friends who have collected their houses. They may not be able to catch up with the decoration before the new year. Taking advantage of this time, they are just ready for the decoration after the new year. The first problem to be solved in family decoration is who to find to decorate? Is it the decoration company or the construction team? In the actual situation, more decoration companies are selected. Follow today “ Old couple ” Let's have a look at the decoration diary they are looking for in the decoration company “ Mental journey &rdquo

busy shopping all day, I forgot the top priority of house decoration &mdash& mdash; Who will decorate it

who is going to install this house? It's really troublesome. Some people say that self decoration can not only express personality, but also save money. Some people also advocate inviting decoration companies, saying that it is less expensive than their own decoration, which is also a worry

who is going to install it? I think it still depends on people. If you are knowledgeable and have leisure time, of course, you should pretend it yourself. This at least saves the profits and management fees of the decoration company. Of course, you need to work hard to be a good supervisor, and at the same time, you need to be mentally prepared to undertake quality problems yourself. Please decorate it by the decoration company, which saves a lot of heart, and the quality problem is relatively guaranteed. It's just that there are problems and after-sales terms. It's generally reassuring. Of course, anyone who does business has to make money. Who can make money at a loss? The extra money you spend is money that saves you worry and peace of mind. In this way, we chose to find a decoration company to install it

then, how to find a decoration company and what kind of decoration company? I didn't understand it at first. With previous experience in online decoration classes and online shopping, go online to find it first

we chose the local real estate website in Jinzhou and found many decoration companies in Jinzhou. Among them, one company's online quotation is very clear, with a quotation attached. This made me and the old woman overjoyed. I often hear people say that no business trades without fraud, but looking at this company, everything is clearly on the Internet. Isn't it quite honest. So, he looked for it according to the map. I found this company in an alley. The result is quite different from what we saw on the Internet. I was told that it was the quotation two years ago. Hey, two years ago, the website information was not updated. Can it be reassuring to entrust the house to such a company. So I chose to give up

when I got home, I did another online search, took notes of the name and address of the decoration company one by one, and ran and inquired one by one with the old woman holding this list in her hand

looking for a decoration company for the first time lacks both common sense and experience. Every time you enter a decoration company, the first sentence is always: “ How much does it cost for a house of about 100 square meters& rdquo; So that people don't know how to answer, they always let us see the model room of the company first, and then sit down to introduce the decoration materials and processes. After running to several decoration companies in this way, I gradually understood that if I want to see the quotation, I must measure the house first

we're really not sure which company to look for to measure the house at the moment. So, according to the method learned on the Internet, I found three companies, wanted to see the construction site, and then asked them to measure the room and quote separately

call the first decoration company and offer to see their construction site. The other party said that they could go to see it at any time without prior arrangement, which was more authentic. Hearing this, I felt warm and reasonable. According to the new building address given by them on the phone, he ran into the community and looked up for the company logo on the window. Not to mention, there are indeed several households. The old woman and I looked at it one by one, and the results were very disappointed. Almost every household started construction on the first day. Except for smashing the wall or pulling the ditch, we couldn't see how to run the water circuit, or how well the tiles were pasted. How well the decoration was done, so that it was covered with ash, which was equal to looking at it in vain. Reluctantly, he crossed out the decoration company in the list. The next two decoration companies, the construction site is very standard, one of which still arranged a car to take us to see




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