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In order to comprehensively and effectively improve the operation and management ability and business practice level of Cohen's national terminal agents, and strengthen the cooperation ability of various regions to survive and develop in the competition, Cohen Electric has established Cohen education and business school since 2016, spent a lot of money to build a professional business education team, and created a comprehensive and professional learning platform to serve the dealer group to improve itself. Stimulate potential and give full play to advantages

the business education team of the business school not only sank the terminal and provided on-site assistance, but also led the national dealers to hold large-scale activities such as provincial linkage, different industry alliance and store promotion, which enhanced the influence of Cohen brand in the country and industry with a greater momentum and stronger offensive. Moreover, a series of courses suitable for different development stages of franchised stores are opened at Cohen headquarters in combination with the characteristics of the enterprise's own development, providing training in various aspects such as industry expertise, team building and construction, and terminal sales for the majority of dealer families, realizing the further improvement of professional skills and the ability to solve actual market problems, which has attracted many dealer teams to return to the company for investigation and study

since November, the dealer teams of Cohen kitchen appliances from more than 20 regions, including Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan and Hubei, have visited Cohen headquarters to investigate and learn about charging. Through the study of a complete set of closed professional courses, they not only improved professional product knowledge and understood the development trend of the industry, but also through the exchange, analysis, review and summary with the business education team, combined with the development status of the local market, We have formulated a series of measures to consolidate and rectify franchised stores, break limitations, make rational layout, and create an innovative pattern

the development and expansion of the brand is a great undertaking with a long way to go, which requires the joint efforts of all people. In the future, Cohen appliance welcomes more dealers' families to visit Cohen headquarters, learn from the enterprise, grow together, keep pace with the rapid development of the market, and remain invincible in the fierce competition





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