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From January 4 to 5, 2017, the "new leap, new 'store' merchants, 2017 franchisee strategy annual meeting" of Iberia whole house customization was grandly held in Heshan Yinye Yanshan Hotel

from January 4 to 5, 2017, the "new leap, new 'store' business, 2017 franchisee strategy annual meeting" of Iberia whole house customization was grandly held in Heshan Yinye Yanshan Hotel. Huang Zhicun, chairman of iberi whole house customization, shared the fruits of 2016 with hundreds of franchisee partners and strategic partners across the country, and learned the latest operation mode, laying a solid foundation for winning 2017

franchisee's family sign in

Mr. Huang Zhicun, chairman of Iberian whole house customization, made a welcome speech for all families

General Director of the coordination center Zeng introduced the results of the upgrading of the intelligent manufacturing workshop and logistics policies to the franchisee's family

Mr. Ye, chairman of Guangzhou Wenwu consulting company, summarized the results of Iberian whole house customization management standardization

General Director of the R & D center Yan introduced the brand's new products, Let the franchisees have a strong interest

general manager Qiu, director of the market center, reviewed the investment promotion achievements in 2016 and released the 2017 store terminal management specifications

General Manager Wu, director of the sales center, introduced the achievements in 2016 and released the 2017 sales policy

Mr. Huang Zhicun, chairman of Iberia, released the 2017 strategic plan, All family members pay close attention to the new retail model introduced by President Li, the director of e-commerce brand center. The franchisees are visiting the company headquarters. The upgraded headquarters has increased the confidence of the franchisees' family members.

iberi ・ whole house customization has been learning and improving, and is willing to share successful experiences and new models with their families. During the annual meeting, the franchisees not only learned about the new leap of Iberian in 2016, but also learned the experience of excellent stores and the excellent operation mode of Iberian brand partners, so as to transform the new "store" business and win-win 2017

Mr. Chu of ebari Yueyang store is teaching you the great method of attracting hearts in the store.

manager Li of ebari Guiyang store is introducing the quick order promotion and killing skills of the store.

ebari Hangzhou store shares with the general manager the experience of sniping at model houses and how to improve the transaction rate of e-commerce.

the general manager of ebari Changsha store shares the experience of building the store team and what is the spirit of ebari.

chairman of business opportunity wangwanghui Mr. Cheng, the founder of micro home, conducted a detailed training on super community marketing

Mr. Zhong of Guangzhou Jianzhong Business School explained and demonstrated the E6 model of iberi and the whole Baidian project

after Mr. Chen of former Huawei University explained what a wolf team is and how to build a wolf team

shared learning, iberi's powerful sales team led the franchisees in four regions to have exciting A vigorous oath session! It is bound to achieve the 2017 sales target, seize market opportunities and win-win 2017

Iberian sales department family oath

franchisees in all regions swear

at the subsequent happy dinner, the leaders of Iberian customized throughout the house, led by the chairman Mr. Huang Zhicun, toasted each Iberian family and wished each Iberian family a win in 2017! During the banquet, in addition to the performance and wechat red envelope game, every excellent ebari terminal store was commended, which promoted the atmosphere to the extreme

under the leadership of Mr. Huang Zhicun, the chairman of the board of directors, the leaders of Iberian whole house customization toasted every Iberian family

the award-winning benchmark store in 2016

Iberian family members all over the country enthusiastically came to the stage to cheer up for everyone's performance, so that the atmosphere on the scene continued to be lively, indicating a prosperous 2017

iberi whole house customization strives to become a world-class leading enterprise in the home customization industry through unremitting efforts. Adhering to the mission of enabling more people to realize their dreams of a better home life, iberi adheres to the user-centered, striver oriented and long-term pursuit of the improvement of humanized home life quality. If you win, toast, if you lose, fight to save each other. The Iberian family is a team condensed into one! New leap, new "store" business, win-win 2017





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