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Cardi doors and windows remind you: when purchasing aluminum profiles, you should polish your eyes and recognize the official manufacturer logo of big brands

how about the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows? In addition to glass and accessories, profile is one of the most important links. When choosing doors and windows, consumers not only identify brands and businesses, but also mark anti-counterfeiting detection profiles to ensure that you buy high-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows. Dachang aluminum deep processing, Cardi doors and windows play with you this time, and become the first household aluminum profile made by the combination of "Three Prevention" in Guangdong. The new profile will appear in front of you

Cartier doors and windows has always adhered to good reputation as the guarantee of the brand, and details achieve quality, embedding the brand concept into raw materials. The profile adopts the protective film with Cartier logo, which is so high-end and elegant. Let consumers feel that Cartier has both German characteristics and Chinese culture

in the aluminum market, in order to make huge profits, many businessmen have been shoddy and fake famous brands for a long time, which seems to have become a common phenomenon. Cartier doors and windows have always paid attention to the authenticity of products. The profiles are printed with Cartier spray codes and films to prevent counterfeiting. We attach great importance to the "three prevention in one". In addition to customizing unique brands, we also need to ensure customer quality

Cartier doors and windows have changed from the traditional "single soldier operation" to "joint attack". The thickness of the profile has changed from 1.4mm of the old national standard. The overall transformation and advanced processing have been carried out. The thickness of the stress parts of the new national standard of building is 1.6mm. Structural design and surface treatment have also been improved, and together with Dachang aluminum, we will create a "hard and trustworthy" Cartier aluminum alloy door and window

so how to distinguish the authenticity of famous aluminum

in addition to the brand film protection pasted on the products of general large manufacturers, the aluminum material itself will also be printed with trademark laser anti-counterfeiting code. This kind of inkjet code is made by special laser equipment. It is dot shaped. If it is linear, it is defective. However, there must be hidden quality and safety problems in fake aluminum materials of well-known brands due to profit and cost factors. With Katy's "three proofs", put an end to low-quality fake and shoddy profiles, and protect your family

Cartier doors and windows remind you: when purchasing aluminum profiles, you should polish your eyes and recognize the regular manufacturer logo of big brands




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