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The geomantic omen of the store will naturally affect the fortune and business of the store. If you want the business of the store to be prosperous, the geomantic omen of the store can't be ignored; So in Feng Shui, what are the store decoration Feng Shui stresses? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

what is the stress of store decoration Feng Shui

what is the stress of store decoration Feng Shui

store decoration should be concise, rather "insufficient", not "excessive", not too much line segmentation and color rendering, avoid any excessive decoration, and don't make customers feel "too tired". The color of the storefront should be unified and harmonious, and it is not suitable to use any harsh and strong contrast color

the decoration of the store should fully consider whether it is harmonious with the original architectural style and the surrounding stores. The eye-catching personality is easy to make consumers feel "vulgar", so they lose trust and affect business

store decoration has different styles. Large shopping malls and hotels have luxurious appearance decoration with a sense of modernity. Small shopping malls and stores also have their own styles and characteristics

the font size on the signboard should be appropriate. If it is too thick, the signboard will appear too crowded, which is easy to damage the overall layout. You can highlight the store name by filling the background color. Store names should be concise and easy to understand, catchy and easy to remember. Except for special needs, do not use wild grass or foreign letters

if the display of the characteristics of goods is ignored, even the best goods will be ignored, so that customers can clearly see the characteristics of each commodity, which is a very important display skill

light boxes, bulletin boards and billboards outside the store should comply with traffic regulations or urban management regulations

in terms of specific decoration, it can be designed from the following two aspects:

first, the decoration should be associated with the characteristics of goods. Novel and unique decoration not only stimulates consumers' feelings, but also makes consumers know what may be inside without entering the store

second, decoration should have advertising effect, that is, it should give consumers strong visual stimulation, strive to be unique in appearance, and attract more consumers

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 next page if the shop wants to have a good feng shui and 'good fortune' to become a truly prosperous shop, it must work hard on the interior decoration design. Whether it is the ceiling, wall, floor of the store, or the counter shelves in the store, it has a great impact on the overall Feng Shui of the store. Only with good feng shui interior design can we win customers and bring wealth. (Feng Shui www.azg168.cn)

what should be paid attention to in store decoration?

1. The surrounding environment of shop decoration Feng Shui

the unlucky buildings mentioned in Feng Shui, such as chimney, toilet, funeral home, hospital and so on. These buildings are either smelly, or some people cry, disease chant. The airflow brought by unlucky buildings is regarded as ferocious in Feng Shui. If there is such a mascot around the store, it will be difficult for the store to thrive

2. The orientation of the shop decoration door

the orientation of the door should be as far as possible towards the evil side. For example, the west is a taboo, which is easy to disturb the aura. It is difficult to accept gas in the store, resulting in no vitality in the store. The orientation of the door also determines wealth. If it is towards the East, the Orient is the orientation of purple gas from the East, which must be very beneficial to the aura

3. Choice of shop decoration color

color selection should avoid being too dazzling. Generally, the light is mainly soft. In addition, according to the owner's order, we should see which color is preferred. In this way, there can be a prosperous atmosphere, which is beneficial to the popularity, so the business will naturally be prosperous

4. Layout of shop decoration doorway

the doorway of the store should not be too narrow and crowded, otherwise it will make guests feel oppressed and make guests unwilling to enter. The ideal decoration of the stairs of the store should be wide, which not only looks comfortable, but also is conducive to receiving gas. The narrow doorway is also detrimental to collecting money and receiving gas

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in the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on a beautiful day on the terrace, or you can have afternoon tea with three or five friends on weekends. If the terrace is properly arranged, you can also increase your luck. Why not

bright aquarium, look carefree

a low pool is bad for Feng Shui, while a high aquarium is a good choice. Square and rectangular fish tanks, five elements belong to wood, while round fish tanks, five elements belong to water. The above two kinds are the most common, and the other is in line with the moral of water, wood and water. In terms of Feng Shui, triangular aquarium and wavy aquarium are not suitable. What we must remember is: the big fish tank should be equipped with lights. A tank of dark water is there, which brings death. After the aquarium is equipped with lights, especially some plants such as water plants are cultivated. It seems that the light in the aquarium is bright and the air is circulating, so that people sitting next to it can be comfortable and forget their worries. Moreover, the fish in the aquarium are swimming, which can constantly stimulate the good aura

the terrace is not suitable for office

tables, chairs, reclining chairs, plus colored cushions, are very suitable for appearing on the terrace, creating a feeling of leisure and vacation. However, it's best not to put the desk on the terrace, because the terrace is an outdoor environment, and you can't get a good magnetic field in the house (Feng Shui generally believes that you should have a tile cover on your head before you live at home). If you work on the terrace, the effect will be greatly weakened, and there is no way to create a layout like Qinglong Qianwang

don't let the porch do you a disservice

many people will be frightened by a sentence that goes before and after, and money goes empty. There are always guests asking me: do you want to set up a porch to block it? And once good wealth is really blocked, it will waste a good house! There is a saying in geomantic circles called Shanze ventilation. As long as the Qi entering the door is auspicious in this yuan Yun, it can walk around the house. As for the terrace, of course, you need to have a clear view, but don't be afraid to open the door and see the terrace, or see the door on the terrace. Especially when decorating a new house, don't add a porch to yourself at the first time. Be sure to ask a trusted feng shui master to help calculate whether a porch is needed

water can be high but not low

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