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Liantai Xiangyu waterfront is located at the intersection of Linjiang Avenue and Jianshe 4th Road in Qingshan District, that is, next to peace park. The community covers residential, apartment, commercial, office building, hotel and other facilities. It is an urban complex project with distinctive modern characteristics. As Qingshan District, which is developing faster and faster, the construction of liantai Xiangyu waterfront provides people with a beautiful residence and a comfortable living environment

liantai Xiangyu Shuian has launched phase I on May 28, 2016, and it is expected that another batch of houses will be promoted by the end of this year. Xiaobian learned that at the beginning, many owners of liantai Xiangyu waterfront had found their favorite decoration companies through the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and some of them have been completed, which has been well reflected. In order to facilitate the later owners to successfully complete the decoration work, Xiaobian sorted out some decoration companies near the water bank of liantai Xiangyu for everyone to have a look

liantai Xiangyu waterfront decoration company:

1, Wuhan No.1 home furnishing

company address: No.12 facade, building G8, Qingcheng Huafu, Renhe Road, Qingshan

2, Wuhan XinyiShang decoration

company address: 1605, block B, Jiangcheng Plaza, Qingshan Jianshe Second Road, Jiangcheng Plaza

3, Wuhan Jiangnan beauty decoration

company address: Jiyu bridge, No.145, Heping Avenue, Wuchang (20 meters from exit b of Jiyu bridge subway entrance)

4 Wuhan tianyiting decoration

company address: Experience Hall on the third floor, No. 301, happy avenue, Wuchang District (next to wuqiaoshang vendor)

5, Wuhan Jiahe decoration

company address: near the intersection of Jianshe 4th Road and Gongye 4th Road, Qingshan District

6, Wuhan yijiaxin decoration

company address: near 853, friendship Avenue

7, Wuhan detu space

company address: No. 1292, Heping Avenue, Wuchang

editor's comment: it is reported, In fact, many owners like to find a decoration company close to home, which not only facilitates communication, but also can solve any problems in time once they occur, so as to save time and energy by running back and forth. The decoration companies listed above may not be comprehensive, and you are welcome to add at any time. (recommended reading: precautions for finding a decoration company)






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