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Star Dealers - Yang Xiaoxia, Song Tao

Star dealers

Yang Xiaoxia, Song Tao

City: Dalian

cooperation time: 6 years

first store, general manager Yang: Golden Triangle home

second store, general manager song: happy home

▲ D1 wooden door, Dalian Golden Triangle store, general manager Yang

▲ D1 wooden door, Dalian happy home store, general manager song

cooperation speech

and D1 wooden door cooperation has been six years, Our biggest feeling is that the door is novel in style and unique in design. The operation of D1 wooden door has brought us objective economic benefits. We feel that the company is considering issues from the perspective of dealers everywhere. Every year, it will carry out product planning and research and development, organize personnel to conduct field visits, and conduct sales training for terminal sales personnel according to market environment, competition and other factors

d1 wooden door is our biggest backer, and has never been troubled and unhappy due to supply and product quality problems. At present, we have two stores in Dalian. From the beginning to the present maturity, all this is inseparable from the guidance and care of D1 wooden door leaders' families

in the future, we will still brave the wind and waves with D1 wooden door




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